EDGE Pipeline 5.0.6 release notes

Hello EDGE Simulcast auctions (as well as a few others!)

Here's an update for you on a release we did for EDGE Pipeline over the weekend. As always please forward this to the appropriate people within your organization.  Thanks!


  • My Purchases - this page now displays the VIN for each vehicle that the user/dealer has purchased.

  • Simulcast attend on ramp - Updated language in the simulcast on ramp about PSI's and guarantees to be more general and also more accurate for our auctions.
  • Simulcast attend on ramp - New and better retry logic for creating new users with certain simulcast vendors.

Bug Fixes

  • The new Simulcast attend on ramp now only shows "Attend" buttons for simulcast lanes that are actually active / "built".
  • The new Simulcast attend on ramp now supports HTML injection from the "Promotional Text" field, so auctions that use HTML in their event setup will now have it properly displayed in the on ramp.

Please let us know right away if you have any questions or issues at 'pipeline.support@auctionedge.com' or 916.771.9329