EDGE Simulcast V1.6.5 is here!

Hello all!

I'm very excited to be writing you about a new upcoming EDGE Simulcast update!

OK, here's the new stuff that's coming!

1. "Confirm Buyer" feature - Single Clerk / ASI auctions only

This is a feature that is designed to reduce errors, while also giving an opportunity for your auctioneers to learn key information about the buyers that are on the floor buying the cars.  This OPTIONAL feature works like this-

When the clerk hits the "SELL" or "IF SALE" button, the "Sale pop-up" presents itself just the same as before.  However, now when you type in a badge number and hit "ENTER" on your keyboard, the Pop-up will tell you the following information about that bidder badge.

  • Bidders Name
  • Bidders Dealership
  • Bidders City, Stat

This information is pulled straight from your ASI system.

Once you see this information, simply hit the "ENTER" key a second time to sell the car.  If the bidder isn't correct, you can change the bidder badge number and try again before submitting.  In short, now you have to hit the enter button twice in a row instead of once, but the benefit is a large one- you get to confirm that badge was typed correctly, and the auctioneer gets to learn the bidders name!

If you want to turn this feature ON or OFF, it can be done so in the "Settings" box, which is found on the main Clerk screen.  It will be turned ON by default, as we think this is a great new enhancement that you should consider using!

2. Clerk Chat now uses Dealership Name

Many of you have requested that we fix the way names appear in one-on-one chat.  As of this release, individuals will appear as their Dealership Name when they chat with you.  "Dealership Name" was chosen as it is the simplest way to very quickly know who you're talking to, as opposed to asking your clerks to remember individual people's first/last names as they relate to companies/dealerships.

3. Rotating Photo Gallery video mode, great for INOP sales

There is now a new video setting you can configure for lane that won't present a video camera feed to your buyers.  Instead, it will present a rotating gallery of the images for the current vehicle.  Let me know if you're interested in using this in a lane.  The setting is made in Pipeline Admin in your lane Setup.