EDGE Pipeline 5.0.8 release notes

We're back from the holidays and we've got some new stuff for you! The EDGE Pipeline team has just deployed 5.0.8.  Here's the breakdown-


  • On the "Dashboard" page, each event now shows a 1 line "snippet" of the event's description (if there is a description provided). This little hint is particularly helpful is one auction has multiple sale events in the same day.
  • When attending a simulcast sale, we now are showing the provided descriptions for each lane. This is meant to help buyers and sellers find the cars they are looking for faster.

Bug Fixes

  • We addressed an issue for EDGE Simulcast auctions where in some cases we were creating user XML with the dealership company duplicated. This caused some rare instances of bidding issues.

As always feel free to comment here with questions. Thanks for reading!