EDGE Simulcast Release, New Floor Screen features and many other improvements

Hello from the EDGE Simulcast powered by Velocicast team! We've been working hard on many new features, and we're excited to share with you today a long list of enhancements which are available immediately.

Floor Screen Enhancements

  • All Floor Screens with announcements will now scroll long announcement text
  • Floor Screen picker now includes previews of floor screens
  • New Floor Screen option- "All Images plus announcements"

Other Enhancements and Fixes

  • SQL Injection fixes on the token-authorization module
  • Support for SingleClerkUseASITote admin setting which allows for ASI clients to use ASI floor screens
  • Support for streaming without video (bidder hears audio and sees scrolling images)
  • Many enhancements to single-clerk
  • AOS login cannot close by clicking outside dialog
  • New link on login to allow clerk to run without single-clerk
  • Single-clerk status bar, click to reopen login
  • Saved bidderbadges come back when you navigate to a broken transaction
  • Broken transaction statuses persist between screen refreshes
  • Fix so ASI single-clerk statuses do not come back as SAVING when they are actually SAVED
  • Biddebadge now shows on clerk item list
  • Single-clerk login no longer shows on reconnect
  • Allow admin user to log in from Pipeline with the same email as their admin account
  • Archive tblsingleclerk during nightly archive process
  • Track technical contact details for an admin user