Auction Edge Eclipses 115 Customer Installations with EDGE Simulcast

SEATTLE, WA — October 20, 2017 —

Over 115 Auction Edge customers are now running EDGE Simulcast powered by Velocicast and the count continues to rise. In an effort to help its customers expand their reach, Auction Edge began installing its multi-lane, multi-auction bidding platform earlier this year. Since that time, the Edge team has been lighting up audio and video in hundreds of auction lanes with a modern and intuitive interface design that buyers, sellers, auctioneers and block clerks are thrilled to see.


"In partnership with the developers behind Velocicast we committed to crafting an unparalleled user experience for auction user, buyer, and seller. The volume of vehicles running through the system coupled with tens of thousands of buyers channeled through Edge Pipeline create a truly immersive experience for all parties. Their continued success at all levels across all channels remains our primary objective." - Dan Diedrich, Auction Edge CEO.

Buyers can now bid simultaneously from multi-streams of lanes across multiple auctions to secure the inventory they need, stay abreast of their wish list purchases, and in tune with the day’s market conditions. Sellers and auctioneers use the innovative auctioneer screen to interact with online and lane bidders in bold new ways. The auctioneer screen provides the auctioneers with specific data to help them understand the pulse of activity both in-lane and online. A cloud hosted digital video recorder (DVR) module allows look-up based on run number, with a synchronized bid log audit trail giving both buyers and sellers confidence in the auction process.

“Since changing simulcast providers to EDGE Simulcast powered by Velocicast nearly 3 months ago, we have experienced nothing but good things. We are hearing great feedback from our online buyers as well as commercial consignors who utilize the online rep capabilities. The ease in which they both can conduct their business is what it is all about! We couldn’t be any happier with the product and the service we are receiving!” - Shawn Glatz, General Manager, Morton Auto Auction.

EDGE Simulcast is just one of the many ways that Auction Edge is unifying advanced technology to provide a best in business suite of products to meet the requirements of independent auctions who must compete and win in today’s ever changing, disruptive environments.


Auction Edge is the premier remarketing technology provider to independent auto auctions across the United States. Over 240 independently owned auctions managing over 4 million vehicles each year, utilize the Auction Edge platforms and marketplaces to operate efficiently, dominate locally, expand their reach globally and compete nationally. Founded in partnership and built for independent auctions, the fully integrated and innovative Auction Edge platforms include EDGE ASI, EDGE AuctionOS, EDGE Pipeline, EDGE Lookout, EDGE Simulcast, EDGE Multi-List and EDGE Analytics. Together, the Auction Edge products deliver an unparalleled competitive advantage to independent auctions across the remarketing industry. Auction EDGE is headquartered in Seattle, WA.

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