EDGE Pipeline December Release - New features, New User Accounts, A Whole New World

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The Auction Edge team is very excited to announce a massive update coming to the EDGE Pipeline product. In fact, this is not really an update as much as it is a complete migration to an all new system. Read on to see what’s coming with the new platform, why you need to create a new user account (or merge if you already had an EDGE Lookout user), and what you can expect in the future.

Sign up for the new site NOW during our open beta at beta.edgepipeline.com

What’s New

EDGE Pipeline is the national wholesale marketplace of the Independent auctions. It is a platform for buyers and sellers to manage their auction life on the go, find new inventory, or reach new buyers. In the December update we are bringing new ways to do all of these things with less friction and more accessibility on all types of devices.

  • New Interface - a new design that brings focus to the information and actions that matter most
  • Mobile Friendly - the entire site is now responsive to any screen size
  • Search - an all new search engine allows for powerful precision
  • Reporting - customize reports to your liking, and print vehicle lists with scannable data matrix barcodes
  • Simulcast - joining a live sale is now easier than ever
  • Single Sign On with all Auction Edge properties - read on for more on this
  • User Accounts & EDGE Single Sign On

The December release is really a migration to an entirely new system. Under the hood, EDGE Pipeline will now be sharing many of its services and components with our EDGE Lookout product. If you are a dealer or consignor who logs into an auction website to search vehicles or get reports, it’s likely an EDGE Lookout website.

Moving forward with the December release, you will have a single unified account across all Auction Edge websites and online products. In order to achieve this, you’ll need to create an account on the new system. If you already sign into an auctions EDGE Lookout site, then you already have an EDGE Single Sign On account! However you’ll still want to sign into the BETA and make sure all of your Handshakes are in order. If you have any account registration issues, contact the Online Sales Coordinator at your local auction house for assistance.

Going Forward

This is the beginning of a new era for EDGE Pipeline and Auction Edge as a whole. Moving to this new platform means our team will be able to deliver new features and innovations at a much faster pace, so we are really excited about some of things slated for 2018. We’re not quite ready to share what’s coming around the corner, so stay tuned to the blog here let us know what you think in the comments below!