EDGE Simulcast Release, new Floor Screen and other enhancements

The EDGE Simulcast powered by Velocicast team has released a new set of features / enhancements that are LIVE today!

New Features

Disallow multiple clerks logging in to the same lane - As a new safety feature, you can no longer log in to the same lane as a clerk from multiple locations.  If you do, you will get the following prompt:

If you type 'YES' and click 'Disconnect' the other clerk with get a notification that they have been disconnected.

New Floor Screen 'Single Panel - Miles and Announcements' - This new floor screen displays the announcements very prominently as requested by several auctions.  Here's what it looks like:

Enhancements and Improvements

Replaced the term 'If Purchased' with 'Offer'.  This was confusing some dealers, and the new language should make it more clear.

Fixed a bug with required lights - If a user set a light as required when that light was not an available light, then the clerk would get stuck in a place where a light is required that can't be added.  Now, the light will only be evaluated as required if it is one of the available lights.

Require a confirm or undo for an online sale before moving to another vehicle - Some clerks were not clicking confirm before moving to the next vehicle so now we prevent them from moving until they either confirm or undo the bid.