EDGE Simulcast Release, more Floor Screens, Book Values, and Bidder Help

The team is happy announce another round of features & changes, which are deployed live now.

New Features

New "lights only" screen - A new floor screen that mimics the functionality of the old toggle switch light boards you still see at many auctions.  This screen is 100 percent configurable.  You can choose the lights to show (up to 4) and the text description for each light.  The appropriate lights will light up or turn off depending on the lights assigned to a vehicle.

New floor screen "image, seller, miles, trans, announcement below"

BlackBook valuation on clerk screen (requires admin setting ClerkShowValuation = 1)

Bidder screen help - the bidder screen now has a help icon that will download and open the bidder how-to PDF in a new tab

Other Changes

  • New setting LightsNoRedBidOverride so clerks can't override RedLightBid setting
  • Fixed issue where given a certain sequence of events a Pre Bid could start playing out before the event starts
  • You can no longer open multiple clerks on the same lane