EDGE Lookout Update, new Member Home buttons and notifications look

Hello friends! The EDGE Lookout team has released a update that impacts websites using Lookout Templates. These changes are live now.

EDGE Lookout is a website hosting service specifically designed for Independent Auto Auctions. Learn more about the product or moving your site to a template here.

"Member Home" buttons

For those auctions using a template to drive their Lookout website, these buttons have received a visual update. The new buttons take into account your websites color scheme, and automatically style themselves to the context of your brand. Here are a few randomly selected examples to show before/after with this change:

If you would prefer to revert back to the old buttons, please contact us at support.auctionedge.com and we will assist you.

"Heads Up" Push Notifications new look

When a user adds a vehicle to their Watch List, a notification slides up from the bottom of their screen letting them know the action worked successfully. This is an example of a "Heads Up" style push notification. These notifications are now inheriting the colors of your unique brand, where before they were a generic grey. The same goes for the tabs on your Vehicle Details page. Here is a randomly selected example: