EDGE Pipeline Progress Report Jan 22 2018

Hello Auction Friends!

This is a long post, but we've got a lot to catch you up on! This is the beginning of a new regular communication that we'll be doing about our continued progress in the evolution of EDGE Pipeline. While this email is "auction centric", we're also planning to poll your dealer community for their feedback on features/issues, so keep an eye out for that (you'll be on that email as well)!

Catching Up

Today EDGE Pipeline 2.0 is exactly 6 weeks old! It's been a little while since we last wrote you, but we've been hard at work on EDGE Pipeline even since the launch. We've made a lot of progress over the last 6 weeks, and we know we have so much more to do. Our foot is firmly on the gas pedal and we're working as quickly as we can to address your change requests, missing features, and issues.

What we've Achieved Since Launch

Since launch day (Dec 8th), 1,254 support tickets about EDGE Pipeline have been closed/resolved. 94 actual product changes / items have been deployed. We're here, working on this everyday, and each day the site is improving. Here are some highlights of those 94 changes-

  • UI change to help clarify if a user already had an old Lookout account
  • Clarify expired password content message
  • Add option to route bidder badge requests through Pipeline 1 IP address, for auction with locked down firewalls
  • Fix broken link for "(?)" on lights explanation
  • Bidder Badge request errors, show full verbose text to admins for troubleshooting
  • UVA, send booksheet data to Velocicast
  • Public Sale "Badge List"
  • Add sending Black Book to Velocicast
  • Fix EDGE Pipeline welcome email spamming the user with one per auction
  • Add AMS Event ID into EDGE Admin Event, and make it selectable for auctions with multiple events on one day
  • Enable VDP links from 3rd party apps
  • On Ramp Attending - If a bidder has more than 1 handshake, have none of their handshakes "checked" by default to reduce stress on Bidder Badge services
  • Send Velocicast floor prices as 0 instead of null
  • "Delete Handshake" button in EDGE Admin (System Masters only)
  • Fix sorting a report by Make A to Z, doesn't always sort cars correctly
  • "Recheck Handshakes" button in EDGE Admin for AA Dealers, all gascap users
  • When an AA dealer re-syncs Handshakes, still make the added AA rep option available even if the auction did a manual handshake.
  • Add “Booksheet” event type, so people can actually have a booksheet dot on the dashboard 
  • Fix Search icon being hidden underneath header on mobile
  • Fix Search time outs
  • Add Search pagination
  • Always show the earliest start time and Dashboard
  • Add Text Vehicle Search to enable motorsports and other non-standard units
  • Fix Proxy bids are only showing up 10 minutes before the sale and then they disappear
  • Give System Masters a way to remove AuctionAccess & Last 4 SSN (and all related handshakes)
  • Add a saftey check that makes it harder to create incorrect manual reps
  • Fix IFs on Sold/Purchased/Watch List reports
  • Add Match CR photos without .jpg
  • Make Simulcast Reports printer friendly
  • Text Search add support for engine displacement like "4.7" or "6.6"

What's Coming Up

We are working to carefully balance priority between helping auctions with EDGE Admin changes, and helping dealers have a better experience shopping your inventory. The prioritization of these features is shifting constantly but these are the things we're planning to work on next (or are already work in progress) -

  • Faster log imports for EDGE Admin Reporting to be real time, instead of "the day after"
  • Enabling Proxy Bidding at AWG auctions
  • Easier and faster Report Sorting for dealers
  • Synchronizing dealer Watch List into EDGE Simulcast 
  • My Watch List design changes that allow vehicles to be grouped by Auction / City, State
  • Performance Improvement - loading a Pre Sale list
  • Performance Improvement - loading a Vehicle Details Page
  • Search, adding Fuel Type as an available filter
  • Market Report, adding Fuel type, Drive type, Engine and Body style
  • Add VIN to Pre Sale Excel download

If you don't see your favorite request on this list, fear not, we know there is more. The list has 228 outstanding items at the moment; these are just the current top 10.

We are working on implementing a system where very soon you, the auctions, can vote on features to help with prioritization. In the meantime, feel free to email your top priority issues.

The Wrap Up

We know the site has many opportunities for improvement, and we're getting there. The tricky part is getting those 228 items in the right order, which is why we're polling dealers and listen to you (our auctions) constantly. Your continued feedback is so important, so thanks for that.

Have a great week all!

- The EDGE Pipeline team