EDGE Today - Modernizing AMS, update on DealShield and AutoGrade, and more!

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EDGE Auction Management System Modernization-Ready, Set, Roll!

In a continued pattern of expanding business requirements and technology becoming even more center stage to the remarketing industry, we know that Auction Edge Auctions remain at the ultimate center of the action. As the partner to nearly 250 independent auctions, we know that the continual evolution of your business is something that provides opportunity, but also can present challenges. This is why Auction Edge is committed not only to creating opportunities thru new channels and services but also in advancing and modernizing the core systems that allow our auctions to operate every day. In this edition of EDGE Today, we explore updates to auction systems that are starting to leverage a multi-year investment in cloud technologies. These back-of-the-house benefits are the green shoots of the next generation in auction facing tools and systems, and I am really excited for you all to see this investment start to bear real fruit. In this issue, you will see highlights of some of those innovations such as Deal Shield, AutoGrade, and coming soon Enhanced MMR.

On a final note, I want to take this opportunity to mention the Auction Edge Owners Survey and the great participation we have had so far! Your responses are bringing your voice directly into our business strategy for 2019 and beyond. On behalf of the entire Edge team, thank you to all of the auctions who took the time to complete the survey. For those who have not yet completed, please click the link below to have your input included. Voicing your opinions on the direction of YOUR industry has never been more important!

EDGE AuctionOS Joins the DealShield Network

It has been one year since Auction Edge launched it’s relationship with DealShield. The initial offering was geared to provide a level playing field for AE auctions who wanted to benefit from the buying power of the DealShield dealers and their DS360 Buyer Assurance Program. The DealShield program began with fully integrated solution for EDGE ASI auctions in September of last year. Since then, thirty one EDGE ASI locations have been successfully added to the DealShield Network and another half dozen EDGE ASI locations are scheduled for later this year.

DealShield integration was developed leveraging our Unified Architecture, a Cloud-based architecture that provides a set of communication channels and services that facilitate real time, two way communication between Edge properties as well as third parties.

October of 2018 marks the expansion of the relationship and offering to our EDGE AuctionOS auctions. Several EDGE AuctionOS auctions have signed up and many more are finalizing their plans to join the DealShield Network to secure their fair share of the buyer loyalty from dealers who might not otherwise participate.

The benefit of this partnership is that it answers the desire of auctions to fully participate in the growing purchasing power of DealShield dealers through a fully integrated solution geared to guarantee vehicle purchases automatically, in near real time in lane and online, and well before auction checkout. This seamless solution is then coupled with great training and support making the DealShield opportunity for AE auctions truly cutting edge.

To join the DealShield Network, please contact Colette Marcilliat at 619.718.0999 or Matt Belcher at 678.645.6447.

Edge ASI Auctions Gain Real Time Web Service With AutoGrade

Auction Edge announces a major advance with Manheim AutoGrade for EDGE ASI auctions. The new integration provides EDGE ASI auctions the ability to provide real-time return of AutoGrade and replaces the older batch method. This advance, built on customer demand and available mid October, affords all ASI auctions this major benefit with the “flip of a switch.”

Auction Edge has provided AutoGrade to all it’s auctions through its’ partnership with Manheim AutoGrade since 2014. Today, over 90 EDGE auctions are utilizing the batch service.

As the remarketing business continues to accelerate, auction systems need to keep pace. The addition of Real Time Access provides what all parties want on more vehicles, faster.

“If the goal of auctions is to provide a trusted marketplace, we see this addition as a game changer because so much of the inventory comes in close to the sale. Real time vs batch gives us the opportunity to more effectively market all of the inventory as the buyers want it,”-Pat Simmons, Dealers Auto Auction North West.

To sign up for your AutoGrade enhancement, please contact Auction Relationship Manager, Scot Ford scotf@auctionedge.com.

Welcome to Auction Edge!

AE is proud to welcome two new Independent Auctions to the Auction Edge family. Each of the following locations are gaining the power of the entire suite of Auction Edge products and services.

  • Lehigh Auto Auction of Lehigh, Pennsylvania has a rich history with more than 20 years in the dealer and public auction arenas.

  • Mid Kansas Auto Auction Wichita - This auction is the sister location for long time AE customer, Mid Kansas Auto Auction of Hays, Kansas. Mid Kansas Wichita is scheduled to open October 31st!