EDGE Pipeline Progress Report, Feb 16th 2018

Hello again all!

This is your regular progress report on EDGE Pipeline 2. Let's catch you up on what's been happening.

What We Got Done Since The Last Update (5 weeks)

Features / Change Requests

  • Simulcast Report, Sale Monitor, and Bid Log Report are all now fully up-to-date all the time (very near real-time)! No more lag on that data that you need on sale day.

  • Microsoft servers are now receiving our emails! This includes Hotmail, MSN, and Outlook addresses

  • Migrated one auction off of the AutoLookout web appliance and over to the Reliable Messenger XML feed to resolve some data issues they were having (we plan to move all auctions off it in the coming months, slowly)

  • Addressed an integration misconfiguration in our Autoniq Pre-Sale export that was preventing one auction from being included

  • Get MMR value out of AOS auctions that have it (ServNet only) (impacted AOS auctions that are still on the AutoLookout web appliance data feed)

  • A variety of other bug fixes related to data feeds (in) and exports (out)
  • Enable Proxy Bidding at AWG auctions (currently in BETA testing)

  • Create a new "Proxy Bids" report for AWG auctions, to view / delete Proxy Bids (currently in BETA testing)

  • Many website performance (load times) improvements

  • EDGE Admin - Simulcast shipping performance improvements

  • EDGE Admin - View / Ship Inventory page load time was vastly improved

  • Log-in page, changed the placeholder text to "Email or Username" to help confused dealers

  • Search Results, added pagination controls to the bottom of the page to make getting through the pages much easier

  • Printed Vehicle lists - Increase the size of VIN Data Matrix to make it easier for dealers to scan

  • Simulcast onramp design tweaks to be more communicative to Seller Reps if they might have account / permissions issues

Bug Fixes

  • Buy Now - some vehicles that ran in previous weeks were not able to be listed for Buy Now

  • My Watch List - some vehicles that were really Pre Sale were appearing with the data they had the previous week (eg still On Offer, Sold, etc)

  • At some auctions, a bug where if you only changed the Light Code on a car and nothing else, that Light update didn't make it to Simulcast

  • At some auctions, a bug where if you only changed an Announcement on a car and nothing else, that Announcement update didn't make it to Simulcast

  • My Watch List - If you deleted a vehicle from your Watch List, the report reloaded and you lost the sort order you were using just a second ago

  • AAA Greenville duplicate lanes (3 different M lanes)

  • Web Guys API Health Check monitoring was insufficient 

  • Responsive Dealer Enhanced Listing UI bug

  • Some auctions with non-typical AMS setups were breaking new Announcement / Light fix

  • A bug where in a rare scenario, a dealers without a usable handshakes could still attend a sale

  • EDGE Admin - UI bug that allowed auction staff to attempt to delete a proxy bid when it's too late to delete it

  • Make Offer bug, where the dealers placing an offer with a comma in it would drop all characters after that comma

  • At some auctions (using the "Blacksheep" integration) there were buying dealerships that didn't have permission to also sell online


  • Add drive-type and fuel-type to LaserAppraiser feed

  • FactoryType and ConsignmentType for Edge Data feeds

  • Changes to GasCAP for AutoCheck export

  • Update consignor names and logos for DAANW

  • Add consignors for Dixie Auto Auction

  • Add consignor consignor for Missouri AA

  • AAA - Virginia AMS conversion

  • AAA Pensacola Consignor Logo

  • Akron AA: Consignor Logos

  • El Paso AA: Consignor Logos

  • Clark County AA Consignor Logo

  • KCI Consignor logo Consignor Logo

  • Wolfes Consignor Logos

  • Wolfe's AA Pipeline Logos

  • El Paso AA - Consignor Logos

  • AAA Pensacola - Consignor Logos


What's Coming Up

We are working to carefully balance priority between helping auctions with EDGE Admin changes, and helping dealers have a better experience shopping your inventory. The prioritization of these features is shifting constantly but these are the things we're planning to work on next (or are already work in progress) -

  • Proxy Bids for AWG auctions (full release)

  • Proxy Bids report for AWG auctions (full release)

  • Photo order / sync issue for some auctions with an non-typical AMS setup

  • On all Dealer Reports in EDGE Pipeline - a new "Sort Order" drop down on the Reports page itself to make sorting so much earlier

  • EDGE Admin reports, a bug where simulcast attendees are being duplicated

  • My Watch List full redesign based on extensive dealer feedback

  • Data clean up project for an auction, after another auction from within the same group misconfigured Reliable Messenger on accident

  • Advanced Search page - Enter key press executes search

  • Send Velocicast the dealers "Watched" items, so their Watchlist notifies them within Velocicast

  • Advanced Search - add Fuel Type filter

If you don't see your favorite request on this list, fear not, we know there is more; these are just the current top 10, and the top 10 is always changing.

We are excited to say that we are very close to implementing our new online Forums, where you the auctions, can discuss and vote on features to help with prioritization. In the meantime, feel free to email your top priority issues.

That's it for this update. Have a great weekend all!

- The EDGE Pipeline team