EDGE Pipeline Progress Report, Feb 26th 2018

Hello again all!

Here's your regular progress report on EDGE Pipeline 2!

What We Got Done Since The Last Update (2 weeks)

Features / Change Requests

  • Make a new "Sort Order" feature accessible on the Reports page itself, makes it a lot easier to sort vehicles while the dealer is shopping

  • Ship Proxy Bids to AWG

  • Create Proxy Bid monitor for Simulcast vendors that don't have Sale Monitor

  • Simulcast data shipment speed improvements

  • Vehicle Details Page load speed improvements

  • Increase the size of the scannable VIN Data Matrix on the printed reports

  • Simulcast onramp design tweaks to be more communicative to seller reps about their standing

  • Send AWG vehicle grades

  • In the advanced search page, Enter key press now executes search

  • Velocicast - Add link back to the EDGE Pipeline CR for a car

Bug Fixes

  • Some auctions had dealerships that didn't have permission to sell in some scenarios

  • On Advanced Search page, “Text search” typing was really slow on Safari for Mac and iOS

  • "Authorized" user types couldn't use Public Badge List

  • Comma character was not working for Proxy Bid Amounts


  • KCI Consignor logo
  • Wolfes Consignor Logos
  • Wolfe's AA Pipeline Logos
  • El Paso AA Consignor Logos
  • AAA Pensacola Consignor Logos
  • Central Mass AA New Employee Google Email
  • AAA St. Louis Consignor Logos
  • Corry ADE Consignor Logos
  • Expressway AA Consignor Logos
  • Allow Richmond's CRs to be shown now
  • More El Paso AA Consignor Logos
  • AAA Toledo Consignor Logo
  • DAA Seattle Consignor Logo
  • EDGE Lookout - Adding logo to Greater Erie website homepage
  • EDGE Lookout - Remove 2 logos from Greater Erie production site
  • Data clean up for an auction, after they misconfigured Reliable Messenger
  • New Calhoun AA Consignor Logos
  • EDGE Lookout - Park Place Auction Website


What's Coming Up

We are working to carefully balance priority between helping auctions with EDGE Admin changes, and helping dealers have a better experience shopping your inventory. The prioritization of these features is shifting constantly but these are the things we're planning to work on next (or are already work in progress) -

  • Feature - My Watch List revamp - on certain sorting options, show a new UI that groups listings nicely by Auction and status

  • Bug - Buy Now listing is missing cart, and Watch List are out of date. These both are is related to the same bug.

  • Bug - photos are out of sync at auction with non-typical AMS setup

  • Bug - Duplicate simulcast attendees are being created

  • Bug - Duplicate run numbers in Velocicast when re-numbering a car to a new Virtual Lot

  • Feature - Send Velocicast the dealers "Watched" items

  • Feature - Add VIN to Pre-Sale Report "Download" Excel file

  • Feature - Show the vehicle's Seller Name on Reports and Vehicle Details Page (Company Setting, opt IN only. It will be default turned off) 

  • Feature - Allow auctions to set the Event as "Is Over" so No Sales are available to be listed the afternoon of the event

If you don't see your favorite request on this list, fear not, we know there is more; these are just the current top 10, and the top 10 is always changing.

We are excited to say that we are very close to implementing our new online Forums, where you the auctions, can discuss and vote on features to help with prioritization. In the meantime, feel free to email your top priority issues.

That's it for this update. Have a great weekend all!

- The EDGE Pipeline team