EDGE Pipeline Progress Report, March 12th

Hello again all!

We're back with your regular progress report on EDGE Pipeline 2! As always, we encourage you to share this with your staff and customers however you see fit.

Also sure to head over to our new Forums to vote on ideas or add your own!

What We Got Done Since The Last Update (2 weeks)


  • My Watch List items (and notes!!!) now sync with EDGE Simulcast, so buyers get notifications within EDGE Simulcast about watched items again!
  • Add VIN to Pre-Sale Report "Download" Excel file
  • Add VIN to Buy Now Report "Download" Excel file
  • Performance - Improve CR / VDP load time

BUG FIXES Now resolved

  • Photo issues for some auctions with non-typical AMS set up
  • Buy Now listings was missing some cars that had previously been sold
  • Watch List could get out of date on cars that had previously ran / sold etc
  • Consolidated the two ARI (Automotive Resources International) consignors down to one
  • EDGE Admin: Adding Manual Reps in a handshake had a confusing bug
  • There were 2 Odometers in "Customize This Report"


  • Salina AA: Add "Simulcast Rules" agreements
  • New Calhoun: Consignor Logos
  • Wolfe's South Bend: Consignor Logos
  • Clean-up some National consignor listings (missing logos, duplicate companies, incorrect names, etc..)
  • Update Cory ADE logo on EDGE Pipeline
  • Dyer, remove customized queries because they moved their Wednesday sale to Friday
  • Undo a previous code change that is no longer needed to help with Pubic Simulcast attendees
  • Change NADA export location
  • Add Central Penn to Pipeline
  • San Antonio AA: Add GSA agreements
  • Hide CR $$ values on Pipeline VDP for Central PA
  • AAA Virginia: Consignor Logos
  • NAPAA -  Add Kentucky AA to group site
  • Set up Perryopolis
  • Stateline AA: National Consignor Logos
  • Nebraska AA: Consignor Logos
  • Greater Shreveport AA: Consignor Logos
  • DAA Seattle: Consignor Logos
  • Greenville AA: Consignor Logo
  • 166 AA: Consignor Logos

What's Coming Up

Be sure to head over to our new Forums to vote on ideas or add your own!
This is our currently planned work, but it's always shifting & changing!

  • FEATURE - My Watch List redesign. The intention is to nicely separate untis by auction and status (when you have the report sorted that way)
  • BUG - Duplicate Simulcast attendees are being shown in various EDGE Admin reports
  • BUG - Duplicate Run Numbers in Velocicast when your re-number a unit to a new lane
  • FEATURE - Show seller name on all cars (Auction Setting, will be OFF by default)
  • FEATURE - Allow auction to say "Event Is Over" so you can list your NO SALEs on Buy Now the afternoon of your sale day 

That's it for this update. Have an awesome week!

- The EDGE Pipeline team