EDGE Pipeline Progress Report, May 4th 2018

Hello again all!

Happy Star Wars day! May the 4th be with you. We're back with your regular progress report on EDGE Pipeline 2! As always, we encourage you to share this with your staff and customers however you see fit.

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  • Continued work on a new sales channel / event type for auctions to be able to list vehicles on EDGE Pipeline. This is where much of our efforts were focused on in this last iteration.
  • EDGE Admin - Add AuctionACCESS Five Million number to handshake listing in Admin
  • EDGE Admin - Simulcast Report: Fix sold counts and amounts
  • EDGE Admin - Simulcast Report: Populate the Proxy Bid Unit Count and Unique Proxy Bid Count statistics
  • EDGE Admin - Virtual Lots: Prevent misconfiguration of simulcast virtual lots
  • EDGE Data: Add "opt_out_description" setting for the edge data vehicle exporter
  • (Internal) add field autoims_charge_code to auction_ams.charge_types
  • (Internal) Create component instance type: EDGE Data for Vehicle Exporter component
  • (Internal) Reduce the amount of catalyst.vehicle_photo_imports records loaded into RAM

BUG FIXES Now resolved

  • Modal Forms with multiple submit buttons don't detect the correct button clicked in "all" browsers.
  • Titles in email notifications are invisible
  • Duplicate Run Number simulcast errors don't set a failure status
  • EDGE Simulcast Shipments - Tighten up online sale shipment locks, to prevent missed vehicle changes
  • EDGE Admin reports - Duplicate simulcast attendees are being created by attendance logs database permissions issue with auction_ams.charge_types table (err autoims.charge_codes)
  • EDGE Admin - Sale Monitor, ProxyBid vehicles need run number in their accordion title


  • "Public" pre sale report for AAA - Pittsburg: "G" cars
  • DAANW: Permission to Buy/Permission to Sell
  • autoims.transmission_codes.short_description in production create table *autoims.charge_codes*
  • DAA Seattle 1 Consignor
  • Add Orlando AA to Pipeline
  • Akron Consignor Logos
  • Mid-State AA South Carolina, EDGE Lookout site tweaks
  • DAANW: Consignor Logos
  • Central Penn AA: Consignor Logos
  • Hide CR amounts for Orlando AA
  • Add public presale report for Orlando
  • Greenville AA: Consignor Logos
  • Add Perryopolis to Pipeline
  • Richmond AA: Show actual mileage versus "Exempt"
  • Houston AA public report changes
  • Jefferson Mid State: Consignor Logos
  • Akron AA: Consignor Logos
  • Clark County AA: Changing Website links
  • AAA Virginia: Hide Lane 15 from Reports
  • DAA Idaho, 1 consignor
  • Wolf's, 1 Consignors
  • Hillside Motors: Cars For Sale. Com Feed
  • Greenville AA: Consignor Logos
  • Credit Acceptance Data export Q1 2018
  • ANAA Houston Consignor logos
  • Add Public report for San Antonio AA (G, GX)
  • Add King AA to Pipeline
  • Add 5 consignor logos for Corry ADE
  • Add 3 consignors for Nebraska AA
  • Update U-Haul Fleet Sales logo per DAA Seattle
  • Delete old Kalamazoo lanes
  • Update CR Disclaimer for AutoNation
  • Add consignor logo for DAA Seattle
  • Add consignor logo for Jefferson Mid-State
  • Add a Lithia phone number for emails
  • Val asked for simulcast sold vin's for AAA - Chicago
  • AAA Toledo Conversion **[Go-Live 5/04/18]**
  • King AA Auction Rules Agreement
  • AR: Monthly sales by auction
  • Grand Rapids: Log diving FD 47472
  • Greater Erie - add a logo to website footer
  • Akron AA: Consignor Logos
  • Changes to 422 registration page
  • Expressway AA: Duplicate AMS Lanes in lane mappings
  • Clean up AAA Atlanta's duplicate lanes e.g. "A" vs. "A "
  • Central Penn AA: Run number change not making it to Simulcast 

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That's it for this update. Have a great weekend!

- The EDGE Pipeline team