Community Forums and Feature Requests

Dear Auction Partner,

Today we are changing the way Feature Requests are handled across our products. Read on to see what’s changing, why the change was needed, and how it connects to the bigger picture of our strategy. 

Feature Requests and Collaboration

Product Feature Requests

Beginning today, we are officially moving all product feature requests to our online forums, for voting and prioritization by the Auction Edge community at large. Feature request posts will be continually considered by your peers and our staff, with the most popular posts becoming features soonest. Highly voted features developed out of the forums will now be made completely free of charge. Vote and comment on ideas posted by others, and make new posts for ideas of your own! While we can't guarantee implementation of every suggestion, customer feedback is an essential part of how we continue to improve our platform(s), so we do truly appreciate your active participation in this.

Custom Requests for Compliance

Outside of product feature requests, we understand that there will occasionally be custom requests pertaining to legal or compliance issues that come up.  Realizing these “compliance requests” are critical to your business, we will continue to accommodate them in the way we have previously. These compliance requests include things like:

Bill of Sale Changes
Bank Account Changes
Change of Ownership/Legal Name
Change of Address
GSA Requirements            Require in-depth estimates and considerable advance scheduling
Factory Module Changes        Require in-depth estimates and considerable advance scheduling

Recurring Support Requests

From time to time, or even monthly/quarterly, you may need help reconciling accounting transactions, or re-training on a specific workflow.  We are happy to accommodate these requests at a rate of $145 per hour.

Integrations with Other Products / Vendors

Setting up a new integration for your specific auction does require coordination and development effort. These are billed at a set flat rate per integration. These integration requests include things like:

  • Accounting Package
  • AuctionACCESS
  • AutoIMS
  • GSA
  • AutoCheck
  • MMR
  • AutoGrade

The “Why” For This Change

Previously, feature requests were “quoted” with billable hours and prioritized in different ways across our products and teams.  This system was inefficient and rarely produced the best experience for our customers. Many hours were spent by the developers estimating and documenting quotes rather than innovating better solutions. 

In order to focus, modernize, and increase your satisfaction, we are excited to announce the launch of this new approach to product feedback and customer collaboration.

The Bigger Picture

At Auction Edge, we are hard at work executing on the strategies we shared with you in Palm Springs at our customer summit.  To refresh your memory, our strategy is built on these core pillars -

  1. Increasing customer satisfaction by building great enhancements and involving customers in product direction
  2. Modernizing and improving our technology by investing in new frameworks and tools for auctions
  3. Growing with you by introduction of brand new products
  4. Enabling a culture of focus by better aligning our teams to your needs in an inclusive Edge experience

As we embark on the journey, there are new opportunities in how we can have the most positive impact for all of our customers.  Like all fast growing companies, we have opportunities for continuous improvement and process development. This change is part of that strategy.

Thanks for being a part of Auction Edge. We’re really excited about new things to come, and shifting to a process here that provides you with the software you need.

- The Auction Edge team