EDGE Simulcast Update - See what's changing for Clerks and Pre Bids!

Greetings Edge Simulcast users,

This week you will see a minor visual adjustment to the Clerk Screen as well as updates for two of the Floor Screens. Please read on for the release notes. Have great weekend and thanks for being a part of EDGE Simulcast!

 Clerking / Pre Bid changes

To better indicate when an online bid is placed the Clerk Screen now displays the current bid box as a solid green color when the bid is accepted.


If you need to undo a Pre Bid for a floor override, the ASK/FLOOR button will display ONLINE in green. The clerk can either activate the override or reinstate the pre-bid by clicking the ASK/FLOOR button again.  Operationally nothing has changed.  This update provides better visualization when working with pre-bids.


Floor Screen Updates

We have also added Floor Screen #5b which now includes the VIN barcode.


And Floor Screen #6d now includes the CR Grade.


If you have any questions please reach out to our support team at simulcast.support@auctionedge.com

If you have an idea or a feature you would like to see in EDGE Simulcast please share your thoughts on our forums page.