Introducing SpinCar - 360° imaging for EDGE Pipeline


SpinCar is available NOW to all EDGE Pipeline auctions. Request a call from SpinCar today!

SpinCar 360° WalkArounds transform the static EDGE Pipeline vehicle display pages (VDPs) into immersive, interactive digital experiences that build customer trust

  • Seamless integration with EDGE Pipeline!

  • Exterior & Interior 360°: Puts auctions in complete control for immersive vehicle exploration outside and inside the vehicle

  • Damage tagging for greater transparency and trust

  • Supports the iOS or Android devices you already have for exterior and stills.

    • Additional hardware kit is strongly recommended to enable smooth walking video and consistent photography

    • Separate device (Ricoh Theta) needed for 1-click interior panoramic 360° (provided with hardware kit)

  • From lot to online merchandising in minutes: each exterior and interior 360° spin goes live on EDGE Pipeline in 15 minutes or less with wireless upload, right from the app.

    • Preview, edit, and upload video and photos in minutes, right from the phone - no SD card usage or uploading to a computer

  • Video and photography editing is intuitive and easy with high-quality features available right in the app:

    • Advanced photographic controls for enhanced image quality

    • Computer vision algorithm to ensure images are clear and in-focus

    • Sensor fusion stabilization for an ultra-smooth 3D experience

    • Ricoh Theta integration for 1-click panoramic interior images