Navigate faster with NEW "My Auctions" feature and Distance sorting

Click your way to what you want faster!

The EDGE Pipeline team is very excited to announce three design changes (based on user feedback) in Pipeline that provide quicker access to key features, reducing clicks and increasing your efficiency.

The following changes are LIVE today!

NEW “My Auctions” checkbox narrows down the Live Auctions Calendar to only show your designated favorite auctions. You can edit your favorites any time you like!


Sorting the Auction Calendar by Distance is now the default setting, making it easier to find the auctions you’re most likely to do business with!


In order to do this, we need to know your ZIP code. You’ll see a message in the right hand corner that prompts you to go to your preferences page and add a zip code to allow sorting by distance.


“WHAT’S NEW!” notification feature. Click the present icon in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard and you will be able to see what new features or enhancements we have made to Pipeline.


Our team is excited to have this new way to keep you informed of what we’ve got going on here at EDGE Pipeline.