EDGE Today - Modernizing AMS, update on DealShield and AutoGrade, and more!

EDGE Today is the monthly newsletter from Auction Edge to you- our customers and the industry.

EDGE Auction Management System Modernization-Ready, Set, Roll!

In a continued pattern of expanding business requirements and technology becoming even more center stage to the remarketing industry, we know that Auction Edge Auctions remain at the ultimate center of the action. As the partner to nearly 250 independent auctions, we know that the continual evolution of your business is something that provides opportunity, but also can present challenges. This is why Auction Edge is committed not only to creating opportunities thru new channels and services but also in advancing and modernizing the core systems that allow our auctions to operate every day. In this edition of EDGE Today, we explore updates to auction systems that are starting to leverage a multi-year investment in cloud technologies. These back-of-the-house benefits are the green shoots of the next generation in auction facing tools and systems, and I am really excited for you all to see this investment start to bear real fruit. In this issue, you will see highlights of some of those innovations such as Deal Shield, AutoGrade, and coming soon Enhanced MMR.

On a final note, I want to take this opportunity to mention the Auction Edge Owners Survey and the great participation we have had so far! Your responses are bringing your voice directly into our business strategy for 2019 and beyond. On behalf of the entire Edge team, thank you to all of the auctions who took the time to complete the survey. For those who have not yet completed, please click the link below to have your input included. Voicing your opinions on the direction of YOUR industry has never been more important!

EDGE AuctionOS Joins the DealShield Network

It has been one year since Auction Edge launched it’s relationship with DealShield. The initial offering was geared to provide a level playing field for AE auctions who wanted to benefit from the buying power of the DealShield dealers and their DS360 Buyer Assurance Program. The DealShield program began with fully integrated solution for EDGE ASI auctions in September of last year. Since then, thirty one EDGE ASI locations have been successfully added to the DealShield Network and another half dozen EDGE ASI locations are scheduled for later this year.

DealShield integration was developed leveraging our Unified Architecture, a Cloud-based architecture that provides a set of communication channels and services that facilitate real time, two way communication between Edge properties as well as third parties.

October of 2018 marks the expansion of the relationship and offering to our EDGE AuctionOS auctions. Several EDGE AuctionOS auctions have signed up and many more are finalizing their plans to join the DealShield Network to secure their fair share of the buyer loyalty from dealers who might not otherwise participate.

The benefit of this partnership is that it answers the desire of auctions to fully participate in the growing purchasing power of DealShield dealers through a fully integrated solution geared to guarantee vehicle purchases automatically, in near real time in lane and online, and well before auction checkout. This seamless solution is then coupled with great training and support making the DealShield opportunity for AE auctions truly cutting edge.

To join the DealShield Network, please contact Colette Marcilliat at 619.718.0999 or Matt Belcher at 678.645.6447.

Edge ASI Auctions Gain Real Time Web Service With AutoGrade

Auction Edge announces a major advance with Manheim AutoGrade for EDGE ASI auctions. The new integration provides EDGE ASI auctions the ability to provide real-time return of AutoGrade and replaces the older batch method. This advance, built on customer demand and available mid October, affords all ASI auctions this major benefit with the “flip of a switch.”

Auction Edge has provided AutoGrade to all it’s auctions through its’ partnership with Manheim AutoGrade since 2014. Today, over 90 EDGE auctions are utilizing the batch service.

As the remarketing business continues to accelerate, auction systems need to keep pace. The addition of Real Time Access provides what all parties want on more vehicles, faster.

“If the goal of auctions is to provide a trusted marketplace, we see this addition as a game changer because so much of the inventory comes in close to the sale. Real time vs batch gives us the opportunity to more effectively market all of the inventory as the buyers want it,”-Pat Simmons, Dealers Auto Auction North West.

To sign up for your AutoGrade enhancement, please contact Auction Relationship Manager, Scot Ford scotf@auctionedge.com.

Welcome to Auction Edge!

AE is proud to welcome two new Independent Auctions to the Auction Edge family. Each of the following locations are gaining the power of the entire suite of Auction Edge products and services.

  • Lehigh Auto Auction of Lehigh, Pennsylvania has a rich history with more than 20 years in the dealer and public auction arenas.

  • Mid Kansas Auto Auction Wichita - This auction is the sister location for long time AE customer, Mid Kansas Auto Auction of Hays, Kansas. Mid Kansas Wichita is scheduled to open October 31st!

EDGE Simulcast (Velocicast) MAJOR UPDATE, Sept 2018

Greetings Simulcast users,

This Friday, Sept 21, 2018 Velocicast will release a major upgrade after sales have concluded.  This version release will contain many new features and enhancements. The purpose of this announcement is to make auction staff aware of new standard features and to educate on the upcoming enhancements available to enable upon request.

Most of these changes affect block clerks: please make sure they read and understand this document.

As always, if you have any questions about the new features please reach out to our support team at simulcast.support@auctionedge.com or call us at 1-800-522-8404.

Thank you for choosing EDGE Simulcast and for being part of the EDGE family!

High Impact Features

The following list of enhancements have been added to enhance both the auctions’ and online users’ experience.  They are not optional. Please take time to familiarize your employees with these new features.

1. Confirm Online Sales - Previously, auctions had the option to require clerks to confirm an online sale or offer (as seen in the image below) or to automatically sell the item without confirmation.  Clerks will now be required to confirm all online sales.

Also, the online bidder experience will be different.  Before, when the Clerk clicked SOLD or OFFER, the online bidder would immediately see a ‘winning bidder’ message, now their bid button will disable and they will see a ‘finalizing…’ message until the clerk either finalizes the sale or backs it out.

1 OnlineSaleConfirm.gif

2. Custom Bid Increment - A custom increment text box has been added to the clerk screen that can be used to change the bid increment to any numerical value as seen below.  To change the increment, simply click on the ‘increment’ box, type in a number, and hit the enter key on your keyboard.

3. Set Default Bid Increment - A default bid increment box is now available in the individual clerk settings window.  You can also set the default increment amount from the Velocicast Admin page.

3 image6.png

4. Eject Online User - Online users can now be ejected from the clerk screen or Velocicast Admin website.  This works as follows:

On the clerk screen, in the attendee list, an orange X will be visible next to each bidder’s name in the bidder list.  

If the clerk clicks the X then confirms ejection, the user will not be allowed to participate in any lanes for that given auction for the rest of the day.

4 EjectUser.gif

If the bidder gets ejected, they will see the following message on their side:


To reactivate ejected user go to the Velocicast admin website, find the ejected user in the Users tab. Click on the gear icon and select edit.

Click on Activate to reactivate user.

Confirm you want to activate the user.

The user will now appear active and can immediately start using simulcast again at your auction.

5. Pause a sale - Simulcast now allows a clerk to ‘pause a sale’.  Pausing a sale provides the online users with a message that describes the reason for pausing.


When the clerk clicks ‘Stop Event’ after the sale has started, they will be presented with the ‘Pause Sale / End Sale’ popup where they can choose a pre-defined pause message or create a custom message:


When the clerk clicks ‘Pause Sale’ the clerk screen will show a yellow banner at the top of the clerk screen that announces the sale is in pause mode and users are not able to bid.  A second yellow banner will appear next to the start button that shows the current pause message:

5 PauseSale.gif

Things to keep in mind related to pause mode:

  • Pause mode won’t be activated when clicking the ‘Stop Event’ button until at least one item in the sale has been sold/offered/no-saled.

  • The pre-configured pause messages can be modified in the Admin website.

  • When in pause mode, the clerk can still perform all clerking functions (previously, if the event was stopped, all clerking functions were disabled). This allows the clerk to fix any issue that may have happened without being subject to online bidders sending in bids.

  • Online bidders will see the selected pause message on their side that lays over the bidding area.  They will be unable to bid while the clerk is in pause mode.

6. End a sale - In an effort to improve the online user experience, Velocicast is adding the ability to more prominently announce the end of a sale to online users.


Ending the sale happens when the user clicks ‘End Event’ and then chooses ‘End Sale’ in the ‘Pause Bidding / End Sale’ popup.

Clicking ‘End Sale’ will cause a ‘SALE ENDED’ message to show on the clerk.

6 EndSale.gif

The bidder will see a ‘SALE FINISHED’ message on their side that overlays the bidding area.

Clicking ‘End Sale’ is not a destructive action, meaning it doesn’t kick off any processes, or remove items from a sale, or any other sort of action that would impede restarting the sale.  In fact, a clerk can end and restart an auction as many times as they like without negative consequence to the overall sale.

We strongly encourage all clerks to click ‘End Sale’ as each lane is completed.


7. Previous sold/offer/no-sale amounts are now hidden on reruns - When re-running an item, the previous sold/offer/no-sale amount will no longer show on the floor screens or online.  The high money will now only show on the clerk screen. This will allow auctions to re-run items without influencing the second round of bids due to showing the previous run results.

8. Help Drawer - On the bidder screen, clicking the help icon now opens a panel we are calling the ‘help drawer’.  The help drawer is populated with information associated with an individual auction. It can be customized in many ways, but will by default include the phone, address, and website of your auction. Until further notice, any customizations must be submitted to EDGE Support.

Other New Features

Please contact EDGE Support to activate these features.

1. Language support - Simulcast now supports multiple languages on the clerk and bidder screens.  If your auction is interested in providing a non-english language to your clerk and/or bidders, please contact EDGE Support to find out more.

2. Remove Online Bid Chime Setting - Removes the chime sound that is made when an online bid is received.  Contact EDGE Support if you would like this setting turned on for your auction.

3. Lane-Level Default Bid Increment - The default bid increment can be set from the Velocicast Admin website or the clerk screen configuration settings.  It will determine the starting bid increment for all items in a lane, if the need ever arises to change the default increment from $100 to another value.  (NOTE: When an item becomes the ‘current item’ on the clerk, the starting bid type is recorded and saved for that item, so changing the default bid increment will only apply to items that have not yet been made the current item by the clerk).

4. Reports are Downloadable - You can download reports in .xls format to view, store and print.  This is done by clicking the ‘XLS’ button at the top right of the screen in the reports area of the Velocicast Admin website.


5. Proxy (pre-bid) removal pop up on clerk screen - If an item has a proxy (pre-bid) and there is a change to the lights or announcements, it will trigger a pop-up on the clerk screen asking if they want to delete the proxy bids.

On that pop-up, the clerk should only click ‘Delete’ if the light or announcement change negatively affects the vehicles value. (ex: adding an announcement of ‘Seller Guarantee’ would result in the clerk clicking ‘Cancel’ on the pop-up, since the change wasn’t a negative change).

If your auction is interested in turning on this feature, please contact EDGE Support to request the addition.


EDGE Simulcast (Velocicast) New Floor Screens!

EDGE Simulcast Powered By Velocicast is pleased to announce the release of new floor screens today, all based on customer requests and feedback.   

Multi-Lane Displays

We have added Multi-Lane displays for both Current and Next items.  These are configurable based on lane number and photo visibility. Auctions may find it useful to shows these on a monitor in your lobby, cafeteria, etc.


Multi-lane Screen (Current Item)

  • supports 2 to 20 lanes
  • can show images (up to 4 lanes)
  • shows run number, description, lights, and current bid amount

Multi-lane Screen (Next Item)

  • supports 2 to 20 lanes
  • shows the next item in the run order
  • displays images (up to 4 lanes)
  • shows run number, description, lights, miles, grade, exterior color

#03 New Variant w/ Barcode

We have also updated a variant to the #03 screen that now includes a barcode for the VIN
#03e - Images, Seller, Announcements, and Barcode :


These screens are active today and will complement your existing floor screen configurations.
If you have any questions please reach out to our support team at support@auctionedge.com

Thank you and thank you for being part of the EDGE family!

It's All About YOU! - EDGE Today, July 2018

EDGE Today is the monthly newsletter from Auction Edge to you- our customers and the industry.

In this edition of EDGE Today, you will find articles that illustrate how our customer centered approach is producing wins where the rubber meets the road-innovation and growth.  To keep you in the driver’s seat, I am pleased to announce a very important stakeholder survey; The Auction Edge Owners Survey.

The Owners Survey about Auction of Tomorrow

There is so much talk about the relevance of auctions in the years to come.  Our Owners Survey asks the hard questions and gives auction leadership a voice and vote in our AE offering to meet growing competitive threats. Please click below to weigh in on the independent auction needs to lead and thrive in the future.  

As we charge into the back half of 2018, I urge you to take this time to fully participate in this partner study as we craft your competitive set of tomorrow.

--Dan Diedrich, CEO, Auction Edge

Customer Experience on the Rise…

Back on June 1, Auction Edge released our new and improved Customer Experience survey.  In as little as 6 weeks, your amazing feedback has helped Edge pivot to meet and stay ahead of your ongoing needs.  Your insight helped us craft a new and greatly enhanced new-hire onboarding process for our Support Team and pointed out greater areas of opportunity for on-the-job cross-training.  These suggestions, and more, are proving to be real game changers!

Here are a few highlights of how your feedback is helping us meet our goal of providing a better Customer Experience...

  • 80% of tickets resolved and closed within first contact

  • 98% of tickets resolved by CSR's were resolved within target time frame

From Customer Feedback to Features...

As Dan mentioned, the Forums are an awesome way for you to help steer the future of Edge products.  Based on your feedback and participation, here are a few of the suggestions that have been recommended and voted on by you and your peers for EDGE Pipeline;

Examples of ideas have been recently implemented on EDGE PIPELINE because of the Online forums:


We are starting to make traction on our AMS (EDGE ASI and EDGE AuctionOS) feature requests, but could use your help making our systems even better!  Share your ideas in the AMS Forums!

One suggestion is currently in progress:

Auction Edge Welcomes

Carriage Trade Public Auto Auction

Founded in 1969, Carriage Trade Auto Auction is a family owned and operated auction with just over 40 years in business.  We asked GM, Brian McNally to comment on his new partnership with EDGE. “Carriage Trade Public Auto Auction selected Auction Edge because we believe it offers the most complete package for any auction.  We were looking for a company to provide us with an auction operating system, simulcast, and website services, and Auction Edge checks all the boxes. The added benefit of having access to Auction Pipeline and the extra exposure we will get from the many dealers who don’t know of Carriage Trade was also a huge factor in the final decision to go with Edge.  We look forward to a long relationship.” --Brian McNally, Carriage Trade

Dealers Auto Auction Group (DAAG)

“At DAAG, we are all about the long game.  As we added new locations to our auction network, we took the time and performed extensive market research.  We even conducted test trials of other operating systems, and found Auction Edge's overall technology suite was superior. As an independent auction owner, in order to remain competitive and relevant, we believe that our capital investments in technology with Auction Edge will secure our success in the future against the major chains.”--Dave Andrews, Dealers Auto Auction Group

166 Auto Auction

"166 Auto Auction was founded in 1949.  In our nearly 70 years, we have proudly embraced the changing needs of dealers, auto makers, fleet, rental, bank, insurance and government sellers who have placed their trust in us to make the most of their vehicles.  We have been there through major industry shifts and know the important role partners play in managing those shifts. We chose Auction Edge because they have real skin in our game-continued growth and success for the coming decades of auctions."--Mike Bradley, General Manager, 166 Auto Auction.
“On behalf of the entire Edge team, we are thrilled to welcome these great auctions to the family!”--Dan Diedrich, CEO, Auction Edge

EDGE Pipeline UPDATE - Fuel Type Search is here(!) plus other goodies

Fuel Type Search

The EDGE Pipeline team is very excited to deliver this highly requested feature! You are now able to filter your search by Fuel Type. Diesel buyers, rejoice!

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 11.51.42 AM.png

Show Seller Name on all vehicles (Optional Setting) 

If your auto auction would like to show the Seller name on ALL vehicles, this is now an option. There's no need to do a mapping in EDGE Admin, it will show the seller name (as it is in your auction system) on every vehicle.  This setting is controlled by the Auction Edge team at this time, so if you want us to enable it, please create a ticket at support.auctionedge.com. Thank you!

Tip: Searching for vintage vehicles

If you want to shop our nation-wide inventory for vintage vehicles, you can type a year range into the search box like this ("1950-1981") - 

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 11.29.38 AM.png

This will give you all vehicles within that year range! Of course you can get more specific if you'd like by selecting Makes, Models, etc.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 12.09.05 PM.png

The background

If you shop for vintage vehicles, you have have noticed that our Search form only goes back to 1981. This is because our Search depends heavily on meta data we're able to get from VIN decoding and a data normalizer called BlackBook UVC. Using those, we can only reliable go back to 1981. 

EDGE Admin UPDATE for auctions - "End Event" to list No Sales / Buy Now day of sale

Hello auction friends! The EDGE Pipeline / Lookout team is excited to announce some new features that are live on the EDGE Admin site now!

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 2.31.28 PM.png

"Create No Sale List"

When it is the day of your sale / event, you'll now see this new button inside the "Events" management area in EDGE Admin. If your sale is finished for the day, you can use this new feature to take all un-sold vehicles that day and generate your "No Sale" list. (This was previously done automatically at midnight, now you can do it manually). This is particularly useful if your lanes are complete for the day and you'd like to list units for Buy Now / Make Offer immediately. However, please only do it once you're sure all lanes are done for the day, as this action cannot be reversed.

This feature is live today, and free for all EDGE Pipeline / EDGE Lookout subscriber auctions.

Bidder Badge Requests log

If you work Online Sales at an auto auction, I'm sure you've probably had some version of this phone call-

Dealer: "I can't get online, it says there was an error."
You: "OK, like with your password on Pipeline?"
Dealer: "No, I got an error trying to join the live sale."
You: "Got it, OK. What's the error say?"
Dealer: "I already closed it, I didn't read it."

If you've ever been in this situation, the EDGE Pipeline team is excited to announce a new tool at your disposal. The new "Bidder Badge Requests" page shows a log of all attempts made to join your sale, if they succeeded or failed, and the reason why they failed. Clicking the "Failed" link will reveal the exact error text they were shown - in the example above this buyer is flagged as "No Buy" in the auction system. 

We hope you find this useful! This feature is live and free for all EDGE Pipeline / EDGE Lookout subscriber auctions.

Community Forums and Feature Requests

Dear Auction Partner,

Today we are changing the way Feature Requests are handled across our products. Read on to see what’s changing, why the change was needed, and how it connects to the bigger picture of our strategy. 

Feature Requests and Collaboration

Product Feature Requests

Beginning today, we are officially moving all product feature requests to our online forums, for voting and prioritization by the Auction Edge community at large. Feature request posts will be continually considered by your peers and our staff, with the most popular posts becoming features soonest. Highly voted features developed out of the forums will now be made completely free of charge. Vote and comment on ideas posted by others, and make new posts for ideas of your own! While we can't guarantee implementation of every suggestion, customer feedback is an essential part of how we continue to improve our platform(s), so we do truly appreciate your active participation in this.

Custom Requests for Compliance

Outside of product feature requests, we understand that there will occasionally be custom requests pertaining to legal or compliance issues that come up.  Realizing these “compliance requests” are critical to your business, we will continue to accommodate them in the way we have previously. These compliance requests include things like:

Bill of Sale Changes
Bank Account Changes
Change of Ownership/Legal Name
Change of Address
GSA Requirements            Require in-depth estimates and considerable advance scheduling
Factory Module Changes        Require in-depth estimates and considerable advance scheduling

Recurring Support Requests

From time to time, or even monthly/quarterly, you may need help reconciling accounting transactions, or re-training on a specific workflow.  We are happy to accommodate these requests at a rate of $145 per hour.

Integrations with Other Products / Vendors

Setting up a new integration for your specific auction does require coordination and development effort. These are billed at a set flat rate per integration. These integration requests include things like:

  • Accounting Package
  • AuctionACCESS
  • AutoIMS
  • GSA
  • AutoCheck
  • MMR
  • AutoGrade

The “Why” For This Change

Previously, feature requests were “quoted” with billable hours and prioritized in different ways across our products and teams.  This system was inefficient and rarely produced the best experience for our customers. Many hours were spent by the developers estimating and documenting quotes rather than innovating better solutions. 

In order to focus, modernize, and increase your satisfaction, we are excited to announce the launch of this new approach to product feedback and customer collaboration.

The Bigger Picture

At Auction Edge, we are hard at work executing on the strategies we shared with you in Palm Springs at our customer summit.  To refresh your memory, our strategy is built on these core pillars -

  1. Increasing customer satisfaction by building great enhancements and involving customers in product direction
  2. Modernizing and improving our technology by investing in new frameworks and tools for auctions
  3. Growing with you by introduction of brand new products
  4. Enabling a culture of focus by better aligning our teams to your needs in an inclusive Edge experience

As we embark on the journey, there are new opportunities in how we can have the most positive impact for all of our customers.  Like all fast growing companies, we have opportunities for continuous improvement and process development. This change is part of that strategy.

Thanks for being a part of Auction Edge. We’re really excited about new things to come, and shifting to a process here that provides you with the software you need.

- The Auction Edge team

EDGE Pipeline Progress Report - New Body Style Search Filter

Hello and happy Thursday. We're back with your regular progress report on EDGE Pipeline 2! Head over to our new Forums to vote on ideas or add your own! Be sure to "Follow" forums that interest you so that you get notified about new posts within them.

Body Style in Search has arrived! (with more improvements in this area on the way still)

Body Style in Search has arrived! (with more improvements in this area on the way still)

Features & Change Requests Now live

  • Search Form - Added "Body Style" Filter!
  • Report Sorting - added "Sold Price" as a new option on applicable reports
  • Report Sorting - added "Sale Date" as a new option on applicable reports
  • Shop --> Consignors page - Option to sort consignors alphabetically or by vehicle count
  • Customize this Report- Option to filter by Buyer/Seller on Responsive


  • (Internal) CR PDF did not obey the zero_out_conditions setting
  • (Internal) Laser Appraiser export improvements
  • EDGE Lookout homepage edit for an auction
  • Added a new CMS page for an auction
  • Added simulcast agreement for 5 auctions
  • Added AA of Montgomery to EDGE Pipeline
  • Sort the Runlist by Lot # by default for an auction
  • Numerous consignor logos for auctions

Be sure to head over to our new Forums to vote on ideas or add your own! Some cool ideas are gaining popularity over there!

That's it for this update. Have a great week!

- The EDGE Pipeline team

EDGE Pipeline Progress Report, May 21st 2018

Hello again all!

Happy Monday, we hope your week is off to a great start. We're back with your regular progress report on EDGE Pipeline 2! As always, we encourage you to share this with your staff and customers however you see fit.

Head over to our new Forums to vote on ideas or add your own! Be sure to "Follow" forums that interest you so that you get notified about new posts within them.

This update addresses a few things in Search. More Search changes are coming, thanks for the feedback!

This update addresses a few things in Search. More Search changes are coming, thanks for the feedback!


  • Advanced Search: now honors Trim selection better
  • Advanced Search: now honors Sale Types selection better
  • Dealer Enhanced Listing report and search results list: thumbnail images work in EDGE Pipeline
  • vAuto vehicle import: added support for "appraisal_notes" and show them in "Announcements" field
  • EDGE Lookout: CMS, add ability to make docs for group sites
  • (Internal) Velocicast inegration: Prevent day-of-sale lot turns from deleting sale event in Velocicast
  • (Internal) Switch over to Elasticache for Session storage
  • Ongoing development on a new sales channel / event type for auctions to be able to list vehicles on EDGE Pipeline. This is where much of our efforts were focused on in this last iteration.


  • Add Google Analytics Tracking code to ParkPlace Lookout site
  • Add IARA logo to Clark County's footer
  • Update Metro Dallas' "Meet the Team" page
  • AutoNation change related to CR items and certifications
  • Wolfe AA Evansville: Consignor Logos
  • Port City AA: Add logo to their Lookout website
  • Grand Rapids AA: Gather VIN list for NADA of "repo" vehicles
  • Expressway AA: Add Consignor Logos
  • Add favicon for Wolfe's Site
  • (Internal) Regenerate all dealers_lot reports
  • DAA Memphis: Add Consignor logos
  • Richmond AA: Consignor logos
  • Clark County AA: Add link to Lookout site
  • AAA St. Louis: Add National Consignor logos
  • GRAA: Add a CMS page
  • Expressway AA: Consignor Logos
  • Wolfe's AA website changes
  • Add simulcast agreements for Clark County
  • Remove Lane X from Richmond's Public report
  • National Consignor for Missouri AA

Be sure to head over to our new Forums to vote on ideas or add your own!
That's it for this update. Have a great week!

- The EDGE Pipeline team

EDGE Pipeline Progress Report, May 4th 2018

Hello again all!

Happy Star Wars day! May the 4th be with you. We're back with your regular progress report on EDGE Pipeline 2! As always, we encourage you to share this with your staff and customers however you see fit.

Head over to our new Forums to vote on ideas or add your own! Be sure to "Follow" forums that interest you so that you get notified about new posts within them.


  • Continued work on a new sales channel / event type for auctions to be able to list vehicles on EDGE Pipeline. This is where much of our efforts were focused on in this last iteration.
  • EDGE Admin - Add AuctionACCESS Five Million number to handshake listing in Admin
  • EDGE Admin - Simulcast Report: Fix sold counts and amounts
  • EDGE Admin - Simulcast Report: Populate the Proxy Bid Unit Count and Unique Proxy Bid Count statistics
  • EDGE Admin - Virtual Lots: Prevent misconfiguration of simulcast virtual lots
  • EDGE Data: Add "opt_out_description" setting for the edge data vehicle exporter
  • (Internal) add field autoims_charge_code to auction_ams.charge_types
  • (Internal) Create component instance type: EDGE Data for Vehicle Exporter component
  • (Internal) Reduce the amount of catalyst.vehicle_photo_imports records loaded into RAM

BUG FIXES Now resolved

  • Modal Forms with multiple submit buttons don't detect the correct button clicked in "all" browsers.
  • Titles in email notifications are invisible
  • Duplicate Run Number simulcast errors don't set a failure status
  • EDGE Simulcast Shipments - Tighten up online sale shipment locks, to prevent missed vehicle changes
  • EDGE Admin reports - Duplicate simulcast attendees are being created by attendance logs database permissions issue with auction_ams.charge_types table (err autoims.charge_codes)
  • EDGE Admin - Sale Monitor, ProxyBid vehicles need run number in their accordion title


  • "Public" pre sale report for AAA - Pittsburg: "G" cars
  • DAANW: Permission to Buy/Permission to Sell
  • autoims.transmission_codes.short_description in production create table *autoims.charge_codes*
  • DAA Seattle 1 Consignor
  • Add Orlando AA to Pipeline
  • Akron Consignor Logos
  • Mid-State AA South Carolina, EDGE Lookout site tweaks
  • DAANW: Consignor Logos
  • Central Penn AA: Consignor Logos
  • Hide CR amounts for Orlando AA
  • Add public presale report for Orlando
  • Greenville AA: Consignor Logos
  • Add Perryopolis to Pipeline
  • Richmond AA: Show actual mileage versus "Exempt"
  • Houston AA public report changes
  • Jefferson Mid State: Consignor Logos
  • Akron AA: Consignor Logos
  • Clark County AA: Changing Website links
  • AAA Virginia: Hide Lane 15 from Reports
  • DAA Idaho, 1 consignor
  • Wolf's, 1 Consignors
  • Hillside Motors: Cars For Sale. Com Feed
  • Greenville AA: Consignor Logos
  • Credit Acceptance Data export Q1 2018
  • ANAA Houston Consignor logos
  • Add Public report for San Antonio AA (G, GX)
  • Add King AA to Pipeline
  • Add 5 consignor logos for Corry ADE
  • Add 3 consignors for Nebraska AA
  • Update U-Haul Fleet Sales logo per DAA Seattle
  • Delete old Kalamazoo lanes
  • Update CR Disclaimer for AutoNation
  • Add consignor logo for DAA Seattle
  • Add consignor logo for Jefferson Mid-State
  • Add a Lithia phone number for emails
  • Val asked for simulcast sold vin's for AAA - Chicago
  • AAA Toledo Conversion **[Go-Live 5/04/18]**
  • King AA Auction Rules Agreement
  • AR: Monthly sales by auction
  • Grand Rapids: Log diving FD 47472
  • Greater Erie - add a logo to website footer
  • Akron AA: Consignor Logos
  • Changes to 422 registration page
  • Expressway AA: Duplicate AMS Lanes in lane mappings
  • Clean up AAA Atlanta's duplicate lanes e.g. "A" vs. "A "
  • Central Penn AA: Run number change not making it to Simulcast 

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