EDGE Assist provides your auction with staff dedicated to online services.
Their focus and goal is to grow your online sales.

Your EDGE Assistant exists to boost online sales by tailoring their work to the specific needs of your auction as an external Online Coordinator.

Trained in all Edge products used at your auction, your EDGE Assistant understands the important nuances of our industry and your business; they speak your language.

Offered to any Auction Edge AMS client subscribing to at least one online service, EDGE Assist delivers maximum value with minimal overhead.



  • Monitor and proactively resolve failed online Bidder Badge attempts, then reach out to the buyer to let them know they are Good to Go

  • Identify impact bidders on rejected IFs and send the leads to sales staff to boost sales

  • Review proxy bids post-sale to identify missed opportunities and send the leads to sales staff


  • Compare EDGE Pipeline to AMS: vehicles and photos

  • Direct dealer attendance help via email and online chat


  • Sale event merchandising on EDGE Pipeline and verify correct event setup in EDGE Admin for smooth sales

  • Track online sales to identify additional sales opportunities, analyze attendance, and establish patterns


  • Register auction staff for EDGE support site (solutions, forums...)

  • Meet with EDGE Assistant to review and manage progress