Establishing, maintaining and promoting your unique auction brand online can be challenging - EDGE Lookout can help.  Our team of professional designers and producers host and maintain websites for independent auto auctions across the United States.  Currently, 32,000 dealers from coast-to-coast rely on auction websites developed by EDGE Lookout to source, purchase and sell vehicles every day.

EDGE Lookout provides:

Strategically developed websites based on your auction's vision, goals and technical requirements

Individually branded site design that is fully integrated with EDGE ASI, EDGE AuctionOS, and EDGE Pipeline

Administrative tools that enable your dealers to maintain accounts, track floored vehicles, watch payment activity and report on performance

Simply stated, EDGE Lookout harnesses your distinctive auction brand with the entire online marketplace through the power of EDGE Pipeline.

Website Templates

Choose from our growing selection of website templates. Imagine your own logos, colors and fonts applied to one of these layouts and harness the power of our dealer tools with EDGE Lookout today.

*Custom designed sites / layouts are available at an extra cost determined on a contract basis.

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