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Over 130 independent auto auctions rely on Auction Edge to deliver operational excellence, drive sales and deliver outstanding customer experiences.

 We elevate your brand and take your auction business to the next level

 Our integrated systems escalate your auction’s operational performance across the board. Subscribe to our Complete Suite, or pick the products you want `a la carte.

Expose Your Inventory to a World-wide Marketplace

More than 30,000 active, registered dealers look to EDGE Pipeline for the inventory they need. EDGE Pipeline displays your auction events online and professionally markets your consigned inventory to buyers all over the globe.

Deep reporting and search tools empower your dealers to research your event online, attend your sale remotely, and purchase vehicles directly via Buy Now functionality.

Give Your Dealers the Freedom of Remote Buying and Selling

EDGE Simulcast is a best-in-breed solution that allows dealers to attend your sale from remote locations. Its innovative Single Clerk Integration has streamlined sale-day operations for auctions nationwide.

Get more mileage from
your brand

EDGE Lookout promotes your unique, individual auction brand and provides unmatched customer service to your dealers through your auction website.

Experience Operational Excellence

EDGE ASI is an auction management system (AMS) that delivers unmatched reliability while streamlining your auction’s daily operations.

  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Management
  • Transactions
  • Charges
  • Payments
  • Title Management
  • Photo Management
  • Digital Document Storage

An Operating System for Your Modern Auto Auction Business

EDGE AuctionOS is a flexible auction management system enabling customization and operational efficiency throughout your organization.  It is the ideal product for dealer consignment auctions of any size that are looking for a modern auction management system at a competitive price.


and many more...

Strength In Numbers

2,600,000 Consigned Vehicles
on EDGE Pipeline in 2014

34,216 Active Dealers
on EDGE Pipeline in 2014

35% Increase in Online Sales
in 2014

105 Auctions Run EveryDay 

42 Live Simulcast Auctions
on EDGE Simulcast

63 Auction Websites
on EDGE Lookout


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