EDGE Simulcast (Velocicast) Major Release on Android

Now with Audio and Video streaming!


A New Generation

The EDGE Simulcast powered by Velocicast team is excited to announce an all new android app! Buying online (and on the go) at independent auctions has never been easier. Bringing Audio and Video streaming into the app is just one example of the many enhancements this new version brings.

This is an entirely new app in the app store. That means that users who have the old version will not be prompted to update. It is recommended that they uninstall the old version, and find the new one on Google Play Store (or follow this link).

EDGE Pipeline Release, Lights on Vehicle Page!

The EDGE Pipeline team has released a few exciting features that are LIVE now!

Show Lights on the Vehicle Page

There is now a configuration option available to all auctions to "Show Lights" on their vehicle pages.

This setting is OFF by default. To enable it, the setting is configured at the event level, in Pipeline Admin.

Once you set the "Show Lights" to Yes for your event, go to that event and view some vehicles.

NOTE: you may need to refresh the browser window a few times to clear your cache before the new lights section will show.

Pipeline Admin, vehicle counts

To aid in troubleshooting and give easier access to relevant information, the team has vehicle counts for lanes and the overall event.

As always, let us know what you think in the comments section below!

EDGE Simulcast Release, new Announcement Picker in the Clerk

Hello Friends! The EDGE Simulcast powered by Velocicast team has an exciting new release, available now.

Announcement Picker

The team has enabled a new way for your Clerks to add / edit announcements on a vehicle. As you can see in the screenshot above, this approach offers an "auto complete" suggestion once the user types at least two characters. The suggestions are pulled from the list of "canned" announcements in your AMS. The aim here is to allow for a faster workflow and more consistent formatting of your announcement messages.

How to get this for your auction

This approach is optional, and is turned OFF by default. If you'd like for it to be enabled for your auction, please create a ticket at https://support.auctionedge.com/ or send an email to simulcast.support@auctionedge.com.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

EDGE Lookout Update, new Member Home buttons and notifications look

Hello friends! The EDGE Lookout team has released a update that impacts websites using Lookout Templates. These changes are live now.

EDGE Lookout is a website hosting service specifically designed for Independent Auto Auctions. Learn more about the product or moving your site to a template here.

"Member Home" buttons

For those auctions using a template to drive their Lookout website, these buttons have received a visual update. The new buttons take into account your websites color scheme, and automatically style themselves to the context of your brand. Here are a few randomly selected examples to show before/after with this change:

If you would prefer to revert back to the old buttons, please contact us at support.auctionedge.com and we will assist you.

"Heads Up" Push Notifications new look

When a user adds a vehicle to their Watch List, a notification slides up from the bottom of their screen letting them know the action worked successfully. This is an example of a "Heads Up" style push notification. These notifications are now inheriting the colors of your unique brand, where before they were a generic grey. The same goes for the tabs on your Vehicle Details page. Here is a randomly selected example:

EDGE Simulcast Release, more Floor Screens, Book Values, and Bidder Help

The team is happy announce another round of features & changes, which are deployed live now.

New Features

New "lights only" screen - A new floor screen that mimics the functionality of the old toggle switch light boards you still see at many auctions.  This screen is 100 percent configurable.  You can choose the lights to show (up to 4) and the text description for each light.  The appropriate lights will light up or turn off depending on the lights assigned to a vehicle.

New floor screen "image, seller, miles, trans, announcement below"

BlackBook valuation on clerk screen (requires admin setting ClerkShowValuation = 1)

Bidder screen help - the bidder screen now has a help icon that will download and open the bidder how-to PDF in a new tab

Other Changes

  • New setting LightsNoRedBidOverride so clerks can't override RedLightBid setting
  • Fixed issue where given a certain sequence of events a Pre Bid could start playing out before the event starts
  • You can no longer open multiple clerks on the same lane

EDGE Simulcast Release, new Floor Screen and other enhancements

The EDGE Simulcast powered by Velocicast team has released a new set of features / enhancements that are LIVE today!

New Features

Disallow multiple clerks logging in to the same lane - As a new safety feature, you can no longer log in to the same lane as a clerk from multiple locations.  If you do, you will get the following prompt:

If you type 'YES' and click 'Disconnect' the other clerk with get a notification that they have been disconnected.

New Floor Screen 'Single Panel - Miles and Announcements' - This new floor screen displays the announcements very prominently as requested by several auctions.  Here's what it looks like:

Enhancements and Improvements

Replaced the term 'If Purchased' with 'Offer'.  This was confusing some dealers, and the new language should make it more clear.

Fixed a bug with required lights - If a user set a light as required when that light was not an available light, then the clerk would get stuck in a place where a light is required that can't be added.  Now, the light will only be evaluated as required if it is one of the available lights.

Require a confirm or undo for an online sale before moving to another vehicle - Some clerks were not clicking confirm before moving to the next vehicle so now we prevent them from moving until they either confirm or undo the bid.

EDGE Lookout Admin (FKA. "Gascap") overhaul

Hello auction friends!

The Auction Edge blog is excited to begin posting updates related to feature releases in the EDGE Lookout product. Those of you who subscribe to EDGE Lookout know that this product has been growing and evolving continuously, but we're just now beginning to share that news more broadly.

New "EDGE Lookout Admin" site

The EDGE Lookout team is very excited to announce the release of an all new admin experience. The EDGE Lookout Admin site (formally known as "Gascap") is the tool auctions use to manage their online presence, web content, vehicles, and dealer relationships. The all new design retains the functionality auctions depend on today, but presents it in a modern new interface with added mobile accessibility. This update is LIVE today for all EDGE Lookout subscribing auctions.


EDGE Lookout is a web site design and hosting service. You get a branded custom website to represent your auction (or chain of auctions) with modern layouts and in-depth reporting/tools for your dealers and consignors. The EDGE Lookout website platform is directly integrated with EDGE ASI or EDGE AOS, so all your auction data is online and presented to your customers.

You can learn more about EDGE Lookout here.

EDGE Simulcast Release, new clerking features! Prebidding Control, Odo Status, and more

Hello auction friends! The EDGE Simulcast powered by Velocicast team has another big feature release that is LIVE now!

Below are some highlights:

Delete Prebids on block -   clerk can easily delete Prebids on the block. Bidders will get a notification that their prebid has been invalidated and the prebid will no longer play out.

Confirm Online Sale - A new setting 'SingleClerkOnlineSaleConfirm' when set to 1 will require the clerk click a confirm button when a vehicle is sold online instead of automatically sending a single clerk message. This will prevent accidentally selling vehicles to online bidders that slip a bid in after the vehicle is sold.

Odometer status on clerk - The clerk can now see Exempt/Discrepancy/Actual Status of the odometer.

Demo data reset - Admins can now reset demo lane data from the admin website.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

EDGE Simulcast Release, new features for clerks and auctioneers

Hello auction friends!

The EDGE Simulcast powered by Velocicast team has another round of new features, this time focused on improvements for auction clerks and auctioneers. These changes are in effect now.

Clerk Features

Announcement Picker - The announcement picker now grabs the first 18 items from the announcement list stored in your ASI system. For other Auction Management Systems, the Velocicast admin site allows auctions to define their own custom list of pre-canned announcements.

Notice that editing Miles and Title Attached are now done in this view.

Internet Explorer - Microsoft now only officially supports Internet Explorer 11. All previous versions are end of life. In this release, we've added a warning message to any user attempting to use the Velocicast clerk with IE 10 or older. Of course, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox will work as expected.

Auctioneer Pro Screen Features

Floor Codes - the Auctioneer Pro Screen will now show the floor code for the vehicle, it it is provided by the auction system.

Onsite Bidder lists - for the current vehicle being sold, the auctioneer will now be able to see the bidder badges for all reps who are at the auction that day.

Admin Features

BidNoShowDealer setting - This is a new setting that allows auctions to prevent the Dealer Name from showing on the bidder screens when an online bid is accepted.  This is a setting that has to be set on the customer maintenance screen by system admins.