Buy Now Highlights come to the Pipeline Dashboard!

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Now Everyday is Sale Day

Today the EDGE Pipeline team is very excited to give you Buy Now Highlights on your main dashboard page. This new section uses your location (account Zip code) along with vehicle pricing to show you front-line ready vehicles available to buy immediately. No more waiting for sale day, because now everyday is sale day!

Where’d the Calendar go?!

Don’t worry, the calendar is still right there on the Dashboard page! Simply scroll down a little bit below the new Buy Now section to see the calendar view you know and love.

We’re really excited about this update, and we hope you are too. Thank you to all our amazing users who have given feedback! We really appreciate it!

Have a great week, and happy shopping!

EDGE Pipeline menu redesign!

Over the last year the EDGE Pipeline team has been collecting feedback in a variety of forms - surveys, analytics data, dealer interviews, etc. Today we’re excited to be rolling out a redesign of the Pipeline menu as a direct result of that feedback! Read on to learn more.

A new Header, heading in a new direction

Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 10.24.30 AM.png

Our sleek new header is aiming to get you where you’re going faster. We’ve improved navigation by bringing our most popular menu items right to the top, and simplified the structure with fewer drop downs. We learned that one-click access to My Purchases, My Watch List, and Buy Now inventory is important to our dealers. Quick Search is now more accessible, with easier paths to Advanced Search as well.

“How to I get back to Dashboard now?”

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 11.52.05 AM.png
  • On desktop / a laptop - click the website logo!

  • On mobile devices it’s the exact same as before.

“Where did my other reports go?”

While the majority of this redesign should feel familiar to you, we wanted to call out that “My Reports” is now within the drop down under your own profile picture.

Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 10.30.57 AM.png

We’re really excited about these new improvements, and we hope you love them too.

- The EDGE Pipeline team

Navigate faster with NEW "My Auctions" feature and Distance sorting

Click your way to what you want faster!

The EDGE Pipeline team is very excited to announce three design changes (based on user feedback) in Pipeline that provide quicker access to key features, reducing clicks and increasing your efficiency.

The following changes are LIVE today!

NEW “My Auctions” checkbox narrows down the Live Auctions Calendar to only show your designated favorite auctions. You can edit your favorites any time you like!


Sorting the Auction Calendar by Distance is now the default setting, making it easier to find the auctions you’re most likely to do business with!


In order to do this, we need to know your ZIP code. You’ll see a message in the right hand corner that prompts you to go to your preferences page and add a zip code to allow sorting by distance.


“WHAT’S NEW!” notification feature. Click the present icon in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard and you will be able to see what new features or enhancements we have made to Pipeline.


Our team is excited to have this new way to keep you informed of what we’ve got going on here at EDGE Pipeline.

Monroney Labels Now Available on EDGE Pipeline

Attract the right buyers and maximize value.

Auction Edge has partnered with to provide data from the original window sticker on many models and years. The data comes in the form of a reproduction of the original window sticker and is available through EDGE Pipeline. is available now and covers the majority of your inventory, over the last 10 model years. Buyers and sellers can get the window sticker directly from the EDGE Pipeline vehicle page. Auctions can customize which inventory has the stickers - customizable by consignor, make and year.


What are the benefits of getting a Monroney label?

  • Attract the right buyers

  • Accurate information on factory-fitted options

  • Maximize value

  • See open recalls

  • Original trim and package information

  • Code guide information

  • Potential profit opportunity to resell the stickers to dealers

Know every feature, every option - AND what it costs is a reproduction of the data of the original automobile window sticker. We provide you with factory options packages and pricing, manufacturers MSRP price when new, engine and transmission specifications, standard features and equipment, fuel economy rating, and factory recalls. Important data you need to know when buying or selling a used car or truck.

We are excited to make this option available to EDGE Pipeline auctions, so you can offer it to your buyers in a convenient way.

Introducing SpinCar - 360° imaging for EDGE Pipeline


SpinCar is available NOW to all EDGE Pipeline auctions. Request a call from SpinCar today!

SpinCar 360° WalkArounds transform the static EDGE Pipeline vehicle display pages (VDPs) into immersive, interactive digital experiences that build customer trust

  • Seamless integration with EDGE Pipeline!

  • Exterior & Interior 360°: Puts auctions in complete control for immersive vehicle exploration outside and inside the vehicle

  • Damage tagging for greater transparency and trust

  • Supports the iOS or Android devices you already have for exterior and stills.

    • Additional hardware kit is strongly recommended to enable smooth walking video and consistent photography

    • Separate device (Ricoh Theta) needed for 1-click interior panoramic 360° (provided with hardware kit)

  • From lot to online merchandising in minutes: each exterior and interior 360° spin goes live on EDGE Pipeline in 15 minutes or less with wireless upload, right from the app.

    • Preview, edit, and upload video and photos in minutes, right from the phone - no SD card usage or uploading to a computer

  • Video and photography editing is intuitive and easy with high-quality features available right in the app:

    • Advanced photographic controls for enhanced image quality

    • Computer vision algorithm to ensure images are clear and in-focus

    • Sensor fusion stabilization for an ultra-smooth 3D experience

    • Ricoh Theta integration for 1-click panoramic interior images

Press Release - Partnership brings 360° Walkarounds for more auction transparency



A new partnership aims to transform independent and specialty auctions’ static vehicle merchandising pages into “interactive digital experiences.”

Auction Edge, a technology provider for independent auto auctions; and automotive digital merchandising company SpinCar are now working together to bring 360° Walkarounds to the auctions. The companies say that the technology helps wholesale vehicle buyers explore every aspect of a vehicle’s interior and exterior condition. That means independent auctions and consignors can offer more transparency to the auction process.

Auction Edge says the new integration makes it the first auction technology company that offers interactive vehicle display pages to wholesale buyers and sellers.

Auction Edge’s national wholesale marketplace—EDGE Pipeline—as well as EDGE Lookout, which powers websites for various U.S. independent auto auctions, are among the Auction Edge platforms through which SpinCar’s technology is available.

SpinCar notes that its 360° WalkAround and Feature Tour technology brings the physical showroom experience to car shoppers wherever and whenever they want. The company notes that car shoppers across 15 countries have experienced more than 200 million virtual WalkArounds.

“We're incredibly excited for this partnership with Auction Edge,” SpinCar chief executive officer Devin Daly said in a news release. “As the auction industry continues to move online, building trust between wholesale buyers and sellers is critical. We look forward to working with Auction Edge to enable independent auctions and vehicle sellers to harness the power of advanced digital merchandising technology for greater transparency and business success.”

Auction Edge senior vice president of auction systems Julie Warpool added that independent auctions are a “thriving channel” for vehicle transactions.

“Working with SpinCar is a natural fit as we continue to enhance our ecosystem of tools to help independents serve buyers and sellers with greater transparency and more options for evaluating vehicles,” Warpool said.

EDGE Simulcast Update - See what's changing for Clerks and Pre Bids!

Greetings Edge Simulcast users,

This week you will see a minor visual adjustment to the Clerk Screen as well as updates for two of the Floor Screens. Please read on for the release notes. Have great weekend and thanks for being a part of EDGE Simulcast!

 Clerking / Pre Bid changes

To better indicate when an online bid is placed the Clerk Screen now displays the current bid box as a solid green color when the bid is accepted.


If you need to undo a Pre Bid for a floor override, the ASK/FLOOR button will display ONLINE in green. The clerk can either activate the override or reinstate the pre-bid by clicking the ASK/FLOOR button again.  Operationally nothing has changed.  This update provides better visualization when working with pre-bids.


Floor Screen Updates

We have also added Floor Screen #5b which now includes the VIN barcode.


And Floor Screen #6d now includes the CR Grade.


If you have any questions please reach out to our support team at

If you have an idea or a feature you would like to see in EDGE Simulcast please share your thoughts on our forums page.

EDGE Today: January 2019 - Looking Back, Forging Ahead...

Dear Auction Partners,

It is truly exciting to think that 2019 is already here. It seems that only weeks ago, we were gathered for NAAA.  As we look back across 2018, it is important to remember how much we have accomplished as a group in an industry full of change.  As you will recall, ‘18 was the year when the disruptors dominated the news.  Despite their headlines and sales volume gains, the independents remain healthy, growing and very optimistic about their future.  

Through our engagement with you, we learned that our auctions continue to invest, perhaps like never before, in modernizing and expanding their offering to meet the growing needs of an increasingly varied buyer and seller base.  Most of you shared real insight into your needs through your participation in our 2018 Owners Survey, or our future focused one to one discussions, our Forums, EDGE Stakeholders and our annual NAAA Customer Summit.   You shared by voice and your vote, the ranking of the technology and tools you need to continue to meet the current and emerging challenges head on, grow your business and better serve your customers.  

We heard you and made your input the foundation of our roadmap for 2019.  In this edition of EDGE Today, I invite you to review the Summit results, share in a bit of celebration of the many accomplishments of the last year and most importantly inform your plan for the new year! 

--Dan Diedrich, CEO, Auction Edge

The Highlights...

Across the auction industry, the independent auctions continue to take on the challenges, lead, and inspire generations of industry and auction individuals through the power of their entrepreneurial spirit.  Our very own Bob McConkey was inducted into the NAAA Auto Auction Hall of Fame, while our own Chad Bailey took the mantle of NAAA President for the coming year. Chad will be followed by another independent auction stand-out, Laura Taylor as NAAA President-Elect.   

On the Edge side of the house, 2018 will be characterized simply as a year of business building  -- building up our core products, expanding our team, strengthening our offering, streamlining our support, and creating stronger connections with you and the many industry partners you rely upon to compete at the highest level- reducing risk, enabling growth and improving outcomes.

Building Greater Engagement

During the 2018 NAAA, many of our independent auction partners participated in the second annual Auction Edge Customer Summit.  Our goal was to briefly share the state of our industry, Auction Edge but most importantly to bring our auctions voice and vote into our planning for coming year.  See the results of 76 auctions partners who cast their votes during our Customer Summit.

Summit Game Results


Building the Team

With 21 independent auctions added to the Auction Edge Family, and many more adding Auction Edge products to complete their line-up, we continue to be the largest single provider of auction technology industry wide.  Our team is now comprised of over 80 full time auction, industry and technology experts.

Strengthening the Core

The core products and services provided by AE to our over 240 auctions are on a path of continuous modernization and improvement. We are strengthening the core, enhancing and improving our products, expanding our services and increasing vital integrations across the automotive landscape-from our AMS’ to Pipeline, Lookout, Edge Simulcast and Multi-List.

New Products and Services

Beyond strengthening our core, Auction Edge announced the launch of two new product offerings; EDGE Spark and EDGE Assist.  EDGE Spark, a cloud based platform, unveiled at NAAA will soon provide auctions the ability to run the auction from anywhere, at any time from their phone or tablet.  The Spark platform is complemented with the first of the Spark addons, Spark BI a business intelligence and analytics tool.  While EDGE Assist provides our auctions with a team of Assistants to help drive auction efficiency, grow online sales, and deliver a greatly improved online customer experience.

Leveraging New Technologies

Technology keeps presenting new opportunities for auctions. You’ve expressed interest in many of these in conversations at the Customer Summit. We’re working on numerous partnerships for 2019 to help you best leverage tools and technology that’s out there. 

The first one of these is with a company called Cognosos. They offer a product called RadioTrax which delivers real-time inventory location services. It’s already in use at auctions like the McConkey Auction Group, Metro Auto Auction of Phoenix and Dallas and San Antonio Auction. It is helping auctions save money. It saves yard personnel time locating vehicles and getting them in the right place. It helps buyers and haulers quickly find cars. They’re also offering various operational intelligence type reports showing you car flow and improving the information available to make decisions on operating your lots.  If you are interested in learning more about RadioTrax, contact us here!

We’ve got a number of other exciting partnerships in the works for 2019. Many are centered around better vehicle information and imaging to help enable and drive your ability to capitalize on digital channels. We can’t wait to share news about them as they become available!

Congrats to Bob!

Congrats to Auction Edge board chairman Bob McConkey on becoming the newest member of the National Auto Auction Association Hall of Fame! The president and chief executive officer of the McConkey Auction Group and Auction Edge board chairman was inducted at NAAA's 70th annual convention in Scottsdale, Arizona, in November of 2018.  Read more about Bob’s accomplishments here!

Never lose a car on the lot again! - Introducing: RadioTrax by Cognosos

Vehicle location services are here! Meet RadioTrax.

RadioTrax by Cognosos delivers real-time inventory location services to independent auctions via a new partnership with Auction Edge. Read on to learn more.


Dear Auction Edge Customer,

21 years ago I started my career in the auction business with the intention of building some fleet department software. Buzz Cotton felt strongly that understanding the business intimately was key to delivering the right type of solution. As such, my software development tasks were sidelined until I could get a feel for how the business functioned. My first job at an auto auction was checking in cars and working on the lot. This was in February. In Chicago. Global warming was barely even a thing back then, and it was a brutal Chicago winter. Checking in cars was part of the job, but finding them and getting them to the recon shop, in and out of storage areas, and lining them up for sale was also part of the job. When the lot was covered in snow, a Camry and a Taurus looked pretty darned similar. I searched high and low for solutions to make finding cars easier. RFID labels, big bar code stickers with long range readers, all sorts of solutions that fell short for one reason or another. Everything fell short for one reason or another. I am happy to tell you that the search for a solution is over.

As we enter 2019, we are excited to announce that we have formed a strategic partnership with Cognosos, a company based in Atlanta. Cognosos offers an inventory tracking and intelligence solution, called RadioTrax, that is providing great returns for auctions like the McConkey Auction Group, Metro Auto Auction of Phoenix and Dallas, and San Antonio Auto Auction. Not only are the auctions saving money, but yard personnel are saving a bunch of time locating vehicles and getting them in the right place and consignors, buyers and even haulers have access to the RadioTrax app to help them quickly locate cars.

Click here to find a one-page overview of Cognosos and RadioTrax.

And if you wonder if it really works, watch the short video and listen to what Bob McConkey and Pat Simmons have to say about using RadioTrax.

As you see in the ad that Bob put together and published in several industry publications, they believe in Cognosos enough to put their experience and, most importantly, the experience of auction attendees in print. Not only is it powerful but RadioTrax is the most affordable real-time inventory location and management solution offered in the automotive industry.

If you are interested in learning more about this exciting solution from Cognosos, please click the link below, complete the form and a expert from Cognosos will be reaching out to you soon to answer your questions and introduce you to the many benefits of RadioTrax.

Thanks again for your continued support,

Dan Diedrich

CEO, Auction Edge

Press Release - Bob McConkey Inducted Into NAAA Hall of Fame 


National Auto Auction Association honors industry veteran and past NAAA president 

SCOTTSDALE, AZ.— Bob McConkey has become the newest member of the National Auto Auction Association Hall of Fame. The president and chief executive officer of the McConkey Auction Group and Auction Edge board chairman was inducted at NAAA's 70th annual convention in Scottsdale, Arizona, this month. Past association president and 2017 Hall of Fame inductee Dave Angelicchio made the presentation.

McConkey, who grew up in the wholesale auto auction business, received the honor for his leadership roles in the industry as ServNet's chairman of the board, Western Auto Auction Association president and on NAAA's board of directors as well as several committees. Following in his father's footsteps to serve as NAAA president in 2009, his championing of Conference of Automotive Remarketing (CAR), and the establishment of a universal Electronic Condition Report, national Arbitration Policy, and Wholesale Certification Program.

Membership in the Hall of Fame, established in 1968, recognizes individuals whose long-term service to the auto auction industry and NAAA has contributed improvements to remarketing as a whole, has worked with the trade organization to benefit its members and has consistently followed the high standards of the association's Code of Ethics. NAAA represents more than 340 auction members and 100 associate members in North America.

Today McConkey oversees auto auctions in Spokane, Kansas City and Seattle with combined auction sales of more than 100,000 units annually, and leads the executive team in the development of relevant future strategies. Regularly calling bids on the block, McConkey is considered to be one of the finest auctioneers of autos in the West.

It was at South Seattle Auto Auction, co-founded in 1954 by his father Robert McConkey, Sr., that the young McConkey began his remarketing career. He learned how to drive at age nine and spent his summer vacations doing everything around the lot until heading off to Washington State University.

Shortly after beginning his freshman year in the fall of 1980, McConkey's father and older brother needed him to leave the university and return home to help run the auction, which had fallen on hard times during the recession. Five years later the family sold the now revitalized business to General Electric Capital — the first auto auction acquired by that firm. GE retained McConkey, relocating the 25-year-old and his newlywed wife, Sandy, to Los Angeles where he was to be the general manager of Southern California Auto Auction, another recent GE acquisition from the Brasher family.

Three years later, under McConkey's management SCAA had doubled its size, becoming the world's largest volume auto auto auction, selling 108,000 units in 1988. Yet not everything the young GM did proved a success, such as continuing his family's tradition of the Fall Classic Moose Sale, where after the hunt the moose is barbecued and shared by the dealers in the lanes. McConkey learned LA was a little different than his native Seattle when the dealers began fighting over the tasty grilled game and riot police had to be called in to restore order.

In 1992 McConkey along with his friend Greg Mahugh, his former middle school math tutor and work colleague at South Seattle Auto Auction, moved their families north and founded Dealers Auto Auction of Spokane. Within four years the struggling five-acre, two-lane auction in eastern Washington State had grown tremendously and relocated to a newly constructed facility. Its grand opening celebration included a concert featuring the legendary Jerry Lee Lewis and launched an annual affair that has become the auction's signature "Rock & Roll Sale" promotion with big name musicians headlining the now two-day event.

Expanding from five lanes to eight and adding wholesale detail, mechanical, auto body and paint shops on site, the auction was rebranded as DAA Northwest to more accurately represent its extended geographic market. Motorsports and RV sales were later included.

McConkey continued to develop and innovate, utilizing digital sales of every consigned unit online, with photos, to increase his customer base, pioneering the post-sale inspection process and being one of the first auctions to provide condition reports. In 2006 DAA Northwest formed a strategic partnership with Idaho Auto Auction and Brasher's auto auctions that gave birth to what is now Auction Edge, a leading provider of auction management systems and online marketplaces for independent auctions.

In 2008 McConkey became a co-owner of Kansas City Independent Auto Auction and El Paso Independent Auto Auction in 2011 (which was sold in 2016). Then in 2013 together with Mahugh he started DAA Seattle. These auctions now comprise The McConkey Group along with its flagship auction DAA Northwest, which today occupies 90 acres and averages weekly sales of 1,700 units.