EDGE Pipeline gives independent auctions market exposure and the potential for increased sales through a recognized industry group. National consignors access a centralized sales channel that reaches a larger pool of customers, and dealers source inventory and search for a greater selection of cars through a single online portal. 


Exposure to over 35,000 active dealers 

Use of automated messaging pulls your vehicles and photos to the EDGE cloud as soon they are in your ASI system

Robust search options enable dealers to easily source inventory from your auction

Direct access for dealers to purchase vehicles online from your auction via EDGE Simulcast

The advantage of exposure 

EDGE Pipeline brings independent auctions, corporate accounts, and dealers together in one online marketplace.

With EDGE Pipeline, your inventory is exposed to an immense dealer community as soon as your auction comes online. You will be a part of an established sales channel that national consignors successfully utilize each and every day. 

A well-known commodity 

EDGE Pipeline puts the power of a unified, growing network of independent auctions in your corner. Distinguish your auction by joining forces with the most progressive and successful independent auctions in the country. No other network has the attention of the national remarketing community like EDGE Pipeline. The nation’s leading institutional sellers, regional and local banks, credit unions, manufacturers, and other fleet consignors recognize it as a standard platform on which the nation’s leading consignors rely.

Drive business to your auction 

Today’s buyer sources and purchases vehicles outside his or her immediate area in order to must meet the needs of inventory requirements and sales quotas. EDGE Pipeline provides multiple selling channels, expanding your auction's inventory exposure well beyond traditional “on the block” sales. 

  • Pre-Bid — Buyers unable to attend a sale in-lane or via EDGE Simulcast utilize the Pre-Bid feature, automating the bid process for the buyer. 

  • Make Offer and Buy Now — Post sale, buyers submit Make Offer and Buy Now requests to the auction for no-sale units that are still available. 

Automatically, more buyers have access to your inventory more often, making your business more attractive to consignors and dealers alike. 

Key Benefits

Regardless of existing midstream and upstream partnerships, you’ll gain:

Higher visibility - your cars will be seen by thousands of subscribed dealers each week

On-site inventory - the perfect place to sell your on-site consignment quickly and easily

Flat fee pricing - a feature designed to keep more revenue for yourself