EDGE Spark

EDGE Spark is a new way to use your auction management system in the cloud, on any device, anywhere.
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It all starts with a small Spark…

EDGE Spark is the start of a new AMS platform, enhancing the great features you already have in EDGE ASI or EDGE AOS. There is a base portal (“Spark”) and a series of à la carte “Add-ons”.



Main portal / Dashboard

This is the main portal for EDGE Spark, your AMS in the cloud. It is compatible with EDGE ASI and EDGE AOS auctions.


  • Key Performance Indicators dashboard

  • Access your auction system from anywhere

  • View all customers, contacts, and vehicles

  • Basic operational reporting

  • Perform a growing list of key activities!


Analysis / Reporting

“Spark BI” (business intelligence) is the reporting and analytics feature inside Spark.


  • Ad Hoc Custom Report Builder

  • Library of beautiful pre-designed reports

  • Schedule automated email reports to staff or customers

  • Performance Dashboards

  • Group Roll-up Reporting

  • Consignor Peer Review within your auction or group

  • Auction Peer Review across your group

More EDGE Spark features are coming! Join today to help guide the future!